How Many Marvel Movies Is Too Many Marvel Movies?

Something that we’ve been predicting over the last couple of months is starting to come true: A-list directors and actors are souring on Marvel movies. It seems few saw that coming because of the extreme adulation the MCU continually receives from fans, critics, and through stellar box office returns.

Perhaps things won’t shape up to be so easy as time goes on. When you have Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Martin Scorsese, and Francis Ford Coppola griping about Marvel dominance over smaller, human films, you see there’s a growing concern emerging.

Even some fans are starting to say there are too many Marvel movies being made too fast. Next year, four will be released within 12 months, prompting a few fans on Reddit to start exclaiming.

Is Marvel going to turn into Star Wars and fatigue fans to the point of having to slow down release dates?

Kevin Feige speaking onstage at D23
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Even Gwyneth Paltrow thinks there are too many Marvel movies

We already know some Marvel fans aren’t very happy with Gwyneth Paltrow about her lack of knowledge of the seven Marvel movies she’s appeared in. She said herself she gets confused because there are simply too many MCU movies to watch or study. Paltrow says she has a good excuse not to keep up with which movie is which.

Her comments recently about Marvel having too many movies is a bit of a harbinger of what the company should be looking at more seriously. Maybe you can take Paltrow’s comments in jest, yet the negative comments from the above-mentioned directors and actresses are nothing to mock.

What are Marvel fans saying on Reddit?

When MCU fans start suggesting the studio is making too many films, executives might want to start taking notice. With stellar box office returns seemingly making Marvel complacent, maybe they should read Reddit as a bit of a barometer.

Marvel execs may stay away from all the “fan theories” posted on Reddit since so many are exaggerated. Perhaps it would be more useful to look in on the “Unpopular Opinion” threads about certain movie franchises.

A Reddit user recently started a thread saying the superhero genre in general is becoming oversaturated no thanks to Marvel.

The person notes superhero fatigue is likely going to set in eventually, leading to a similar situation Star Wars already experienced. With new cast members being introduced in Phase Four, Marvel could eventually face a box office disappointment just as Lucasfilm did with Solo.

If such a thing does happen, it’ll take everybody aback, just like it did with Disney executives when they finally realized they were flooding too many Star Wars standalone films into the marketplace.

Marvel isn’t going to worry about it until something happens

Phase Four, as we’ve seen, is going to be ambitious for the MCU over the next two years. It’s too late to hold back now, though we wonder if a brick wall will be hit eventually.

What would Marvel do if such a thing happened? Most people on social media say that if they continue to keep up the quality we saw during Phase Three, there wouldn’t be anything to worry about.

They realistically can’t, considering the time and cost (despite having very deep pockets). We can’t expect some of the upcoming solo films to necessarily best what Endgame accomplished in terms of scope.

In many ways, fans might have been spoiled with Endgame, hence everything else seeming anti-climactic in comparison. Ultimately, the biggest weight is on the writing team, which is what matters entirely in determining whether fans continue to care about any new or established superheroes.