How Many People Can Stream Videos at Once on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime?

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We’ve all been there — you’re logging on to your streaming service of choice and choose your show only to find that too many other folks with the same login info are also watching videos. If it’s your own account you’re using, you might even change the password at this point, as you’ve clearly given it out to too many others. And if it’s not your account, it may be the time you start considering getting your own.

If you’re wondering how many videos can stream at once on each service, we can help. Here are the answers you’ve been looking for.



On-demand service: $7.99 per month for base content, $11.99 per month for commercial-free content

Live TV: $39.99 per month, plus $14.99 for unlimited screens

This newer streaming service that started up in 2008 is taking the streaming world by storm (and it’s definitely giving Netflix a run for its money, too). According to Hulu’s Help Center, it’s on-demand service allows for just one stream per account. Though you can access your account on as many devices as you want, this means only one person at a time can watch videos.

Things are a little different with Hulu Live TV, however. With the Live TV subscription, you can watch videos simultaneously on two screens. And if you go for the Unlimited Screens option for an additional $14.99, then that’s another way to get more of your friends watching — but it also puts your monthly total close to $55.


Basic subscription: $7.99 per month for one screen at once

Standard subscription: $10.99 per month for up to two screens at once

Premium subscription: $14.99 per month for up to four screens at once

Like Hulu, Netflix offers multiple profiles for viewers — but unless you have one of the higher-priced subscriptions, only one person can watch content at a time. This streaming service does allow up to five profiles, though — so if you are sharing your password with friends and family, you can at least keep all of your suggested content in line with your interests. MakeUseOf reports the Netflix CEO himself has said password sharing is a good thing, so have at it.

Amazon Prime


Annual membership for all Prime benefits: $99

Monthly membership: $12.99 

There are tons of perks associated with Amazon Prime, like free shipping on millions of products and access to the company’s streaming service, which now has way more movies than Netflix offers. And the price is quite good for the perks, too, if you go with the one-time fee for their annual plan.

As far as streaming videos goes, Prime may be your best bet. Using the same Amazon account, you can stream up to three titles at once at the same time. If you’re watching the same title, it can be played on up to two different devices. If you know you’ll be sharing your account with others, consider splitting the cost here for just a few bucks a month, and all of you can reap the benefits.

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