How Many People Watch ‘America’s Got Talent: Champions’?

America's Got Talent: The Champions
America’s Got Talent: The Champions | Trae Patton/NBC

America’s Got Talent has showcased some of the most loved (and similarly reviled) acts anyone has ever seen on TV over the last 13 years. In a showbiz world where many of those acts, including the winners, are often forgotten in less than a year, it was probably a godsend America’s Got Talent: The Champions made it to TV.

No doubt the show’s concept came from producer and judge Simon Cowell who seems to genuinely like most people who competed on AGT over the years.

Despite yet another spinoff of a popular franchise, how popular has it been in the ratings? The metrics show watching champions brings more viewers.

Most of the best ‘America’s Got Talent’ champions are back

Not all the past champions from AGT are still remembered today. Names like Kevin Skinner and The Texas Tenors arguably aren’t as well-known as the big winners like Jackie Evancho or ventriloquist Terry Fator.

Nevertheless, almost every one of those champions decided to return for America’s Got Talent: The Champions. Skinner, however, appears to have bowed out, which may be for the better.

Some of the winners returning this year didn’t fare so well competing again. No doubt it’s one element of fascination with the viewing public. From the performers’ point of view, they might have wished they left history in place.

The first week had the show’s best talent advance

One of the great aspects to America’s Got Talent: The Champions is Simon Cowell allowed many of the winners from the foreign editions to participate. This meant people like Susan Boyle were allowed to compete, bringing a tidal wave of potential talent disadvantage.

While singers like Bianca Ryan or Jackie Evancho would perhaps be thought to be more popular with American fans, they were ultimately eliminated. Ryan was eliminated in the first week, shocking everyone who remembered her as a powerful child performer a decade ago. Even so, it gave her some time in front of a wide audience again, something she wanted.

Susan Boyle proved her continuing endurance by advancing immediately thanks to getting the Golden Buzzer from Mel B.

The second week proved ventriloquists are hot again

Remember Darci Lynn Farmer who won AGT the year before last? She’s on the fast-track herself by advancing quickly in the second week thanks to a judging wildcard. 

The biggest surprise on this week was the elimination of British singer Courtney Hadwin who blew everyone away with her ability to seemingly channel Janis Joplin.

We’re maybe looking at American audiences becoming tired of singers who all seem to cancel one another out. Hadwin did so much better last season on AGT, proving even months can make the public turn fickle.

Ensuing weeks still had singers advance

Not all singers are doing badly on the show. In the third, fourth, and fifth weeks of Champions, singers like Angelica Hale, Paul Potts, and Kechi Okwuchi advanced.

What surprised people the most was Jackie Evancho being eliminated in the fifth week. As a continually successful act with her own tours, you have to wonder what the public was thinking.

Conversely, we saw magicians continue to stay perpetually popular. Slight-of-hand virtuoso Shin Lim blazed through the fifth week after winning AGT last season.

How many people are watching?

Reports are Champions won the time slot for the week of January 28, beating out the typical winner: Big Brother Celebrity Edition. Apparently it proves novelty acts have far more star power than redemptive celebrities like Dina Lohan or Anthony Scaramucci.

We have to admit it would be exciting to see the likes of Susan Boyle and Shin Lim competing for the final Champions crown. It could turn into a high-stakes competition we only wish we could see in candidates running for U.S. President.