How Many People Watch ‘Blue Bloods’?

It’s one of the most popular cop shows on TV, and for good reason – the combination of realism and drama makes Blue Bloods a fan favorite. For over eight years, viewers have followed along with the lives of the fictional Reagan family, New York City police officers who frequently find themselves embroiled in both personal and professional difficulties.

What is ‘Blue Bloods’ about?

Will Estes as Jamie Reagan in Blue Bloods
Will Estes as Jamie Reagan in Blue Bloods | CBS

Blue Bloods features a stellar cast of actors, including icon Tom Selleck as the family patriarch, Frank Reagan. Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Jennifer Esposito, and Sami Gayle round out the cast, playing members and associates of the Reagan family. The show is filmed on location in New York City with the cooperation of the city and the NYPD, a notable achievement for any major television show.

How many people watch ‘Blue Bloods’?

While the show focuses on the Reagan family, in particular, Blue Bloods also follows the family’s relationships with their co-workers and the various people that they come into contact with while on the job. The show premiered in September 2010 and was an instant hit, with record numbers of viewers tuning in on a regular basis throughout the show’s run. Currently, roughly 7 million people watch Blue Bloods every Friday.

Fans have been following the Reagans for years through their TV’s, and many are clearly still committed to the show, and the actors portraying the beloved characters.

How accurate is ‘Blue Bloods’?

Fans love Blue Bloods for many reasons, one of the foremost being the show’s commitment to accuracy in terms of police procedure. The show is notable for having an actual New York City police officer as an on-hand consultant. James Nucifero is a twenty-five year veteran of the NYPD who personally proofs the scripts for each show.

Nucifero will add facts and bits of jargon to the scripts that help to enhance the realism and bring the viewer right into the tough, morally-challenging world of the New York City cop. Sometimes, Nucifero will add just a few words, other times, he’ll write in large portions of dialogue, and while the producers don’t always keep everything that he adds, his input helps to ground the show in reality.

Furthermore, Blue Bloods also challenged the actors to take their performances to the next level by immersing themselves in the culture. Donnie Wahlberg revealed that he spent a great deal of time with police officers on the job to learn more about the day to day processes of the work, and several members of the cast underwent specialized training with various weapons in order to get more comfortable in their roles. 

The show’s surprising fanbase

In addition to a large number of regular viewers that Blue Bloods draws in on a weekly basis, there is another group of people who have a strong appreciation for the show. Star Tom Selleck revealed that many police officers he meets in real life are huge fans of the show, and will salute him in the street. Sometimes, Selleck stated, they will even thank him for representing police officers and their work in such a positive light. 

While there is still some uncertainty surrounding the future of Blue Bloods and a possible tenth season, the fans are loud and clear – they love the emotionally-charged cop show and all the characters that make up the cast. In fact, the show has been voted as the fourth-best crime drama on television in 2018 – no small feat for a show that has been around since 2010. While nothing has yet been announced for a possible new season of Blue Bloods, fans will keep watching and waiting, hoping that their favorite show is brought back for even more excitement in 2019.