How Many Royal Titles Does Kate Middleton Have? She’s Not Just the Duchess of Cambridge

It used to be that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was known as her name, Kate. Before marrying into the royal family, she lived in Reading, England, and was the oldest child in a typical family of five.

After her wedding, however, Kate found herself living an entirely different life, one that put her constantly in the royal spotlight. Now, she is one of the most famous women in the entire world, and for good reason.

Kate carries out her duties with the grace and dignity that anyone would expect, and there is no doubt that she makes the other senior royals very proud. Over the years, she has become so well known that no one really even has to use her last name.

Mention “William and Kate,” and everyone knows who you are talking about. Although that may very well be, it is not to say that Kate hasn’t been given more than one title since her marriage. So, how many royal titles does Kate actually have? It turns out that she is not just the Duchess of Cambridge.

From a commoner to a senior royal

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Growing up in the countryside of England, Kate most likely never dreamed that she would grow up and marry a prince, yet that is exactly what she did. The duchess led a pretty typical life that so many people can relate to. She is the oldest of three children and has close relationships with her sister and brother, as well as her parents.

It was after going away to college at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland that Kate and Prince William met. They were friends first, but their relationship eventually grew into more.

The couple married in 2011, and Kate officially became a member of the royal family. Since then, she has been preparing for her role as a future queen consort and has inspired millions of people with the things that she does.

How is Kate preparing to be a queen consort?

There is no doubt that being a queen consort is one of the most high-profile jobs anyone could ever imagine. It is something that someone must plan and prepare for and is not taken lightly at all.

So, what is Kate doing? According to Cosmopolitan, she is working pretty hard already. Kate is constantly taking on more responsibility and patronages and does everything she can to serve the members of the public to the best of her ability.

In addition, she carries out solo duties whenever possible, going above and beyond to prove that there is practically nothing that she can’t handle. We have to say that if anyone deserves recognition, it is Kate since she is taking her role as the future queen consort extremely seriously, and will definitely be more than ready when the time comes. 

How many royal titles does Kate Middleton have?

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Most fans are well aware that Kate is known as the Duchess of Cambridge, so it may be surprising to find out she has several other royal titles. Insider reports that although she doesn’t use it formally, she also has the title of Princess of the United Kingdom.

These are not the only titles that Kate has, however, and it may even get a bit confusing. When Kate visits Scotland, she is able to use the title of Countess of Strathearn, and it doesn’t end there. The people of Northern Ireland know Kate as Lady Carrickfergus, and we absolutely love all of her titles, although her friendly personality makes it easy to relate to her as simply “Kate.”