How Many Times Has Rosie O’Donnell Been Married?


Rosie O'Donnell on The View

Rosie O’Donnell on The View | ABC

Rosie O’Donnell confirmed she is engaged to 33-year-old Elizabeth Rooney, People reports. The 56-year-old comedian describes her future wife as “wonderful woman,” who is a former undefeated boxer and Army veteran.

O’Donnell seems completely smitten with Rooney, saying, “She’s very much an equal, she’s very much her own person and loves what she does. She’s a pretty unbelievable young woman,” People reports.

The couple made it official after enduring a long-distance relationship for the past year. “She lives in Boston now and I live here in New York,” O’Donnell said. “It’s been a long-distance thing. It’s been great.”

O’Donnell and Rooney went public with their relationship in 2017 and an actual wedding date will likely occur later down the road.  O’Donnell knows a thing or two about marriage as this isn’t her first time down the aisle. How many times has O’Donnell married? Plus who are her former spouses?

Kelli Carpenter

Married from 2004 until 2007, O’Donnell and first wife, Kelli Carpenter seemed to have it all. Carpenter, a marketing executive and O’Donnell have three children together, Chelsea, Blake and Vivienne, The New York Daily News reports. Carpenter also adopted O’Donnell’s oldest son, Parker too.

California courts ruled gay marriage was illegal one year into their marriage and their union is annulled. However, the couple stayed together for a few more years before calling it quits. O’Donnell and Carpenter didn’t announce the news of their split for two years because, “What makes a family is love, and we all love each other,” O’Donnell says on a red carpet event, People reports. “We’re gonna stay together and take care of each other as a family unit.”

The couple’s daughter Chelsea made headlines when she ran away from home with her boyfriend. O’Donnell reconnected with Chelsea, who announced that she was pregnant in June, People reports. Carpenter went onto remarry in 2013, according to The New York Times. The couple’s children were in attendance.

Michelle Rounds

O’Donnell marries girlfriend Michelle Rounds in 2012, People reports. The couple married after health scares for both. O’Donnell recently had a heart attack and had a stent placed in a coronary artery that was 99% blocked, according to People. Also, Rounds is diagnosed with desmoid tumors, which is an abnormal growth in the connective tissue. “It is such a rare tumor. It took them quite a while to get an accurate diagnosis,” O’Donnell’s rep Cindi Berger told People. “She had several gastrointestinal surgeries to remove the desmoid tumors. She is now on the road to recovery.”

However, the couple endures a nasty divorce after separating in 2014, according to the New York Daily News. “She’ll never marry again.’ You can print that!” O’Donnell says to a reporter as she leaves the courthouse. The couple fought over custody of their adopted daughter, Dakota. Ultimately, they agreed to shared custody.

And then this tragic turn

Rounds committed suicide in 2017 and O’Donnell spoke about the death to People. “I am saddened to hear about this terrible tragedy,” she said in a statement. “Mental illness is a very serious issue affecting many families. My thoughts and prayers go out to Michelle’s family, her wife and their child.” Rounds also attempted suicide in 2015. Rounds was 46.

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