How Marvel Could Still Change Captain America’s Fate

The confusion over Captain America’s Endgame decision to stay in the past is still a top discussion on Marvel fan boards and social media. Seeing Steve Rogers/Cap as an old man also helped fans broach several different theories ranging from Stan Lee being old Steve all along to Cap’s reality being an alternate world.

Chris Evans (Captain America)
Chris Evans (Captain America) | Araya Diaz/WireImage

A lot of those questions have yet to be answered, despite the Russo Brothers answering many other questions in recent Q&A’s. One thing we’re learning, though, is some of the MCU writers disagree on what Cap’s fate ultimately was/is. Many fans want to see Captain America come back in some form eventually.

Thanks to a multiverse now open in the MCU, there doesn’t have to be one official canon anymore, thanks to a diverse set of freethinking writers.

What the Russo Brothers say about Captain America’s fate

It’s official from the Russos that their explanation for what happened to Steve Rogers isn’t carved in stone. They’ve recently said many others from the MCU writing team disagree with what they did on Cap going back in time to live with Peggy Carter.

Most of us found it satisfying, though it opened a lot of confusing questions about what comes next if Cap’s an old man in the present time. Not that there aren’t some who think because there are alternate timelines, a different set of writers couldn’t tap into seeing a young Captain America still living in the current MCU timeline.

Of course, this opens a lot of creative possibilities for the future. Bringing Chris Evans back to play Captain America won’t be happening for a while anyway, outside of thinking he can’t stay away forever. Marvel fans would probably reject anybody else playing the role in the next few years, unless there’s an assurance of someone who can make the character compelling again.

Whether we’d see an old Captain America or a younger version from the past, either scenario could potentially make an interesting streaming series or solo movie.

What about a future streaming series?

There’s was already confirmation at Disney’s D23 Expo on August 24 of a Zombie Captain America being utilized (in animation form) for the upcoming Disney Plus streaming series What If…?. If we already know these stories to be taken from alternate realities, it may set in motion the idea of Captain America existing in multiple forms, just like all the rest of the superheroes.

At one time, there was also talk about a streaming series exploring the earlier days of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter together either before he was frozen in ice, or after. Since then, we know the closest to this will be Winter Soldier and Falcon...albeit with no Chris Evans involved.

The alt timeline idea would still make more sense to play up Rogers living out his life for 70 years with the love of his life. What happened during this alternate timeline? Did Steve happen to witness all the events of Marvel unfold he didn’t initially see in his prior life?

For us, this would be the most interesting route to go if Cap ever continues. Exploring an old Steve Rogers would also be worth exploring, including attempting to tap into his superpowers as an octogenarian.

Would fans accept anything with an old Steve Rogers?

We’ve never seen a superhero project exploring aging. Even a short segment showing an old Steve Rogers putting on his old Captain America suit and still able to fight would be more than a little fun.

Nothing like that will likely be made, however, mostly because there’s no market for exploring aging superheroes. Should we ever see Chris Evans return, fans will want to see him in young form. Whether it means being a part of What If?… to make another Cap story a true alt-reality, so be it.

What’s most interesting is we’ll be seeing Peggy Carter as Captain America on What If?… in 2021, and she’ll be known as Captain Carter (with a British flag). You can argue this almost outdoes any return of her husband fitting back into his costume.