How Marvel Keeps ‘WandaVision’ Actors From Leaking Spoilers and Big Reveals

One series that is getting major buzz after each episode is made available is WandaVision. The Disney+ show helms from the creative minds of Marvel Studios and stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Wanda and Vision respectively. Kat Dennings was recently introduced as well reprising her role of Darcy Lewis from the Thor films. She recently talked about her initial meetings about the project and how secretive it was in an effort to derail leakers.

'WandaVision' stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany
‘WandaVision’ stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany | Marvel Studios

Kat Dennings didn’t know Darcy Lewis would return

Dennings made her Marvel film appearance as Darcy Lewis in 2013’s Thor. The 2 Broke Girls alum reprised her role in the sequel film, Thor: The Dark World, opposite Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth. However, Dennings’ character was never to be seen again up until the Disney+ series.

“Once you’re in the Marvel Universe, you’re kind of there even if they kill you. You’re still there,” Dennings told Variety. “A lot of time had gone by between the first two Thor movies and I didn’t know whether or not they’d ever bring Darcy back.”

For Dennings, it was a surprise that she was given the opportunity to reprise her role in a different Marvel property that was not tied to Thor.

“I never assumed that they would so when I got this call, especially for this, because Darcy has [had] nothing to do with Wanda or Vision, or the Avengers other than Thor, it was kind of like, “What is she doing here?” And that was my question.”

Scene from 'WandaVision'
Scene from ‘WandaVision’ | Marvel Studios

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Marvel’s process of keeping things a secret

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe know that everything is tight-knit with all the properties. For WandaVision, things had to be even more secretive due to the nature of the story. The first few episodes of the series, viewers are not sure what the real plot of the show is. This is why Dennings says she had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to even take a call about starring in the project.

“The initial phone call comes in and it’s a secret phone call. You sign an NDA before you get the phone call,” Dennings explained to the trade publication. “They’re like, “How do you feel about this?” Like I’m gonna say no, at all ever to Marvel for anything. You say yes a then you’re in for a wild ride. You don’t even know what’s happening. I still don’t really know what’s happening.”

It was when Dennings went into the new Marvel offices that she experienced what it was really like to keep things under wraps.

“My first meeting with [writer] Jac Schaeffer and [director] Matt Shakman was at the new Marvel offices. I had been to the old offices, but never the new ones. It’s really intense and incredible,” she added. “If you’re a fan of Marvel, your brain would explode, but you sign an NDA when you get to the lobby.”

Kat Dennings and Randall Park in 'WandaVision'
Kat Dennings and Randall Park in ‘WandaVision’ | Marvel Studios

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Dennings described that when she was waiting inside the office she immediately understood why she had to sign an NDA. The star revealed that the walls have “comic book pages with references.” These references might be future big reveals on the show. To curtail spoilers being leaked, actors sign the agreement as Marvel Studios “took this very seriously.”

“They wanted to get this just right, because it’s so different from anything Marvel’s ever done,” Dennings explained. “Everything has been meticulously planned. They laid out the sketch of it and what I would be doing, but to be honest I still don’t really know what happens.”

Dennings was kept in the dark about what really happens on the show, which reduces the amount of people that could be liable in making big reveals. WandaVision releases weekly episodes every Friday on Disney+.