How MCU Fans Want ‘Black Widow’ to Handle Taskmaster

Taskmaster is, at last, coming to the MCU (albeit with an aesthetic drastically departing from the comic book interpretation). While MCU fans have taken to expressing their dissatisfaction surrounding Taskmaster’s likeness to an extreme paintballer or a Power Ranger, their concerns will likely dissipate if the character is treated with the narrative respect he or she deserves in Black Widow (and beyond). 

Black Widow
Black Widow | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Fans still do not know who is behind Taskmaster’s mask; theories range from one of Natasha’s former love interests and Rachel Weisz’s Melina to virtually all other cast members listed on the IMDb page. However, rather than focusing on the actor in the suit, MCU enthusiasts remain fixated on the character’s execution, and the villain’s potential relevance to the overarching saga. 

In an online discussion about Taskmaster, and what it would take to “do the character justice,” fans chimed in with a few expectations and hopes. And, one trend concerning the character quickly emerged. Taskmaster — a formidable foe in the comic books — deserves a prolonged stay; the character merits movies beyond an overdue Black Widow prequel appearance. 

MCU fans talk expectations for Taskmaster in and after ‘Black Widow’

When it comes to Taskmaster, fans want it to be immediately obvious that he is one of the most skilled fighters in the MCU. Capable of directly emulating anyone’s combat style, the character should not be taken down with ease and, it would be unlikely for a single person to out-maneuver the man who is always five steps ahead. Thus, a duo may need to take him down, or he may survive the movie… 

MCU fans argue that Taskmaster’s presence should extend beyond a single Black Widow-oriented movie, and he should out-live the Natasha conclusion bound to ensue this summer:

I really want Taskmaster to survive so he could come back in some form. One of my favourite Villians.

Reddit User 

He should pop up again further down the line as a guy who’s been training tons of other villains to fight.

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Taskmaster could train future members of the villainous Thunderbolts team

MCU fans argue that Taskmaster would make a great combat instructor, which — given General Ross’s presence in the upcoming installment — would align perfectly with the formation of the villainous Thunderbolts team, of which Taskmaster and Ross’s Red Hulk both become members of. Fans explained:

If they decide to use Thunderbolts, then Taskmaster should form part of it. Other members could be Zemo, Hammer, Ghost and Red Hulk.

Reddit User 

With General Ross in the movie we might get a whole “I’m here to talk about the Thunderbolts initiative” a la Fury in Iron Man. Imagine a post credits scene after the blip and they’re all recruited with specific tasks. Camera starts to pan as Ross transforms into Red Hulk. Idk I really want to see Red Hulk one day. A nice Hulk vs movie too.

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While a lot of “ifs” are at play here, fans see great potential for Taskmaster in the MCU, and would hate to see him become just another villain who fades into the background behind his/her superhero counterpart for a single installment.