How Meghan Markle Followed in Sarah Ferguson’s Footsteps with Baby Archie

When it comes to the royals, everything is done according to protocol. There is a time and a place for absolutely everything you can think of. There is a certain way to greet people, a certain way to eat, a certain way to do your nails, and the list goes on and on. Even down to childbirth.

There are certain traditions that many of the royal family members follow when giving birth. For instance, the royal women have given birth in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital for decades. More recently, they have also begun posing for pictures on the hospital steps shortly after giving birth.

While these traditions are held by most royal women, there are a few who choose to go against the grain and do their own thing. Two women who are no strangers to forging their own paths are Sarah Ferguson and Meghan Markle.

Ferguson’s pregnancies

Ferguson, who has never been one to just do something for the sake of doing it, gave birth to both of her children, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, at The Portland Hospital.

She was the first member of the royal family to give birth in a non-National Health Service hospital. In the YoutTube documentary, “Sarah Ferguson: Duchess of York,” Portland Hospital was revealed as being a private, American-owned entity.

As for whether or not Eugenie and Beatrice will follow in their mother’s rebellious footsteps, we may have to wait a bit longer than expected to find out as neither woman has been in a rush to have children.

“What else can I tell you?” Ferguson said last month of the rumors about Eugenie being pregnant. “No, she’s not pregnant! I’m just going through what the journalists say and they’re all here, so I just thought I’d fill it in.”

Markle’s birth plan

When Markle was pregnant with Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, there was a lot of speculation as to where she would give birth. Early on, it was announced that she would not use the Lindo Wing as her sister-in-law Kate Middleton and her mother-in-law Princess Diana did. Reports started coming out that Markle would opt for a home birth to avoid the media circus that would inevitably swarm outside of a hospital.

But in the end, Markle chose to follow in Ferguson’s footsteps and gave birth to baby Archie at the Portland Hospital as well.

“We were led to believe by palace aides that baby Sussex was born at Frogmore Cottage, but in fact he arrived at private London hospital the Portland,” royal correspondent Emily Andrews tweeted after the birth. “All other details still the same! Can’t wait to see a picture of him on Wednesday with his proud parents!”

She also chose not to take public pictures immediately after giving birth as Middleton did. Archie was born on May 6th but the public did not see a photo of the newborn until May 8th.

“Today, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to share their first public moment as a family,” the family’s official Instagram page captioned the first photo of baby Archie. “They are so incredibly grateful for the warm wishes and support they’ve received from everyone around the world, since welcoming their son two days ago.”