How Meghan Markle’s Mom Is Being the Perfect Grandma to Baby Archie

While Meghan Markle’s father has yet to meet his new grandson, her mother, Doria Ragland, is very present in Baby Archie’s life. She’s been a big help for Markle as she navigates motherhood and the perfect image of a doting grandma. In case there was any doubt, here’s all the ways that Ragland has been a great support to Markle and a lovely grandma to Archie.

Meghan Markle adores her mother Doria Ragland

Meghan Markle (R) and her mother Doria Ragland (L)
Meghan Markle (R) and her mother Doria Ragland (L) | OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images

Ragland has been there for Markle through her entire life, but especially now that she’s become a member of the royal family. She was a proud momma at Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry. She helped plan the wedding and rode with her daughter to the ceremony.

Before the wedding, Markle wrote about her mother several times on her blog, describing her as a free-spirit. “Dreadlocks. Nose ring. Yoga instructor,” Markle wrote in 2014. “Social worker. Free Spirit. Lover of potato chips & lemon tarts. And if the DJ cues Al Green’s soul classic Call Me, just forget it.”

In a Mother’s Day essay, Markle wrote: “She was showing me how to be a daughter, not just in that moment, but for when I became that grown woman.”

Ragland has been a constant in Markle’s life. Whenever there’s a big event, she wants her mother there with her, and that’s a big testament to the wonderful relationship that they share.

Doria Ragland was thrilled about her new grandchild

When the news hit that Markle was expecting, Kensington Palace released a sweet statement from Ragland to Entertainment Tonight that read: “Ms. Ragland is very happy about this lovely news, and she looks forward to welcoming her first grandchild.

For women outside of the royal family, it’s long been a tradition to have mothers and older women guide new mothers into motherhood. That’s why it’s no surprise that Markle wanted her own mother near when it was time for her to give birth. A request that Ragland was happy to fulfill.

When the Sussex’s remodeled Frogmore Cottage, they built an apartment for Ragland to use whenever she visited, and it wasn’t long before she made use of it. Ragland flew into the United Kingdom in the last months of Markle’s pregnancy to support her. It’s thought that she was probably in the room when Markle delivered, or at least nearby. A source told People: “Any new mom wants her own mom around at this time, so it’s great.”

In a statement to the media, Ragland said that she is “overjoyed by the arrival of her first grandchild.”

Shortly after the birth, history was made when Ragland was allowed to be present when Markle and Prince Harry introduced Archie to the queen. For comparison, when Kate Middleton has presented her new children to the queen, she did not have her family present. A photo of the two grandmas, the queen, and Ragland — along with Prince Philip, Markle, and Prince Harry — gazing at the baby together became a symbol for all the change we’ve seen Markle bring to the royal family. Ragland was also present for Archie’s baptism.

Doria Ragland will be a constant in Archie’s life

After the birth, Ragland stayed for Markle for several weeks to help with her new grandson. Ragland, who is a yoga instructor in Los Angeles, even practiced baby yoga with Archie. She loved spending time with him, and there were even questions about whether Ragland would stay with Markle and continue to help raise Archie or return to the United States.

Ragland did end up returning to her home in Los Angeles, but since she has rooms at Frogmore, it’s expected that she will be a frequent visitor. There’s no doubt that Markle would love to see her as much as possible, and as Archie grows he will probably learn to look forward to her visits as well. Even Prince Harry enjoys Ragland’s visits, and a source told People that they get along very well together.

Archie may even be traveling to the U.S. soon to visit his grandmother. Royal experts speculate that Markle will want to make the trip when Archie is big enough for travel. Between the Sussexes coming to the states, and Ragland traveling to the U.K., there should be plenty of opportunities for Ragland to grow close to her grandson and close to any other children that Markle and Prince Harry may have in the future.