How ‘Modern Family’ Star Sarah Hyland Uses Instagram to Inspire Others

Celebrities feel insecure about their photos, too. Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland, recently commented on a picture that surfaced she felt to be unflattering. The newly-engaged star (to Bachelor Nation alum, Wells Adams), has always been open about her health issues. Hyland is using the latest shot to re-focus the conversation in hopes of inspiring others to accept themselves as they are.

Sarah Hyland has been open about her ongoing health struggles

Sarah Hyland on the red carpet
Sarah Hyland arrives at the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards | Emma McIntyre/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Hyland was born with kidney dysplasia, which means her kidneys did not fully develop when she was in the womb. It causes her kidneys to lack functionality and sometimes cysts form.

She endured her first kidney transplant, given by her father, in 2012, but her body rejected the kidney. She secretly underwent a second transplant in 2017, a few days after her first date with Adams. So far, despite a few setbacks, she seems to be doing well.

The actress previously told Us Weekly about the grueling healing process saying, “For someone being so tiny to have a stomach that looks like the New Jersey Turnpike, just shows who I am and what kind of character I have.”

Due to the two transplants — the second given by her brother, Ian —, rejection, and infections, Hyland has endured 16 surgeries. Adams has been by her side since the second transplant.

She posted a photo she initially ‘hated’ for an important reason

Hyland took to Instagram Nov. 23, to post a photo that made her feel “insecure” about her body. She posted it in hopes that, by “readjusting” her attitude, she could inspire others to do the same.

“To my fellow #invisibleillness warriors. It’s ok to be insecure about your body,” she said in the caption. “Just remember to check in with yourself at least once a day and say thank you.”

The actress continued saying, “Our bodies have endured unfathomable feats that our minds barely have time to comprehend what has actually happened. With inflammation, excess water gain, and medications, my skin has a hard time bouncing back.”

Hyland concluded by adding a dose of optimism. “I saw this picture and HATED it but quickly readjusted my attitude and decided to celebrate it. Love yourself and be patient. We are all stronger than we think we are.”

Hyland inspires others with her honesty

In January of 2019, Hyland admitted to being “very, very, very close” to taking her own life while going through all of the medical trauma. She’s since found support and encouragement to heal, and uses that to show others it gets better.

Adams, who’s seen Hyland’s at her best and worst, opened up to Us Weekly in 2018 about her strength and resilience.

“Imagine having 16 surgeries, going to hundreds of doctors’ visits and taking thousands of pills. Imagine losing crazy weight because of dialysis, medication side effects, and stress. I know Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman on film, but Sarah is the real-life version.”

The proof is in her honesty. Many people have insecurities about their bodies and celebrities aren’t any different.

Hyland admitted to wearing Spanx to flatten her stomach at the Teen Choice Awards, explaining her body changed shape since her transplants. Those kinds of posts inspire others to accept themselves in spite of moments of insecurity.

No matter how Hyland feels about one picture, none of that will stop her from living her dreams, marrying the love of her life, or spreading her positive light wherever she goes. If there were more Sarah Hyland’s in the world, social media would be a much nicer platform.