How Much Are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Worth Today?

With the recent news that Netflix’s Fuller House will be renewed for a fifth and final season, it’s worth reiterating the producers of the show have been trying to bring the Olsen Twins back since the beginning. For some, it might seem like a moot point to bring back Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to the show when they’ve been wealthy businesswomen for more than two decades.

Others may think they should come back, at least in a brief cameo to pay homage to Full House and how it paved the way toward their riches.

Whatever your personal opinion, take a minute to see if the billionaire designation for the Olsens still holds or became trumped numbers on paper.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen | Joe Kohen/WireImage

What in the world made the Olsens so wealthy as young girls?

Those of you old enough to remember when the original Full House started airing on ABC in 1987 will likely remember how much the show played up the “cute” antics of the Olsens as doubles for one single character. Yes, you may have forgotten the Olsens were collectively playing Michelle Tanner, something casual viewers possibly never noticed.

The twins were only a year old when they first appeared on Full House, but brought the real heart to the show. In those days, the Three Men and a Baby concept was a hot genre, a film that released the same year Full House debuted. Having cute babies react to the camera was also very trendy, something we saw maintain into the mid-1990s.

Fans essentially watched the Olsens grow up in the process while latter’s parents realized the financial windfall potential.

During the series run, the Olsen parents negotiated for their daughters to receive continual pay raises. They received $82,000 per episode by the final season during a time when they were just starting their own production company.

Producing their own movies

Full House made the Olsen Twins household names and millionaires by the early 1990s. However, they didn’t waste time realizing they needed to cash in on their popularity beyond TV. Whoever made the decision for them to star in their own TV movies knew the value of what kind of money the Olsens could generate.

Considering they were some of the most likeable notables on TV by the preteen demographic, having them star in family-friendly films gave a chance for both to become known rather than continue as one character. Titles like Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, and Billboard Dad are just two of the examples of the movies they made for TV or direct to video.

Through their Dualstar production company, they continued this run into the 2000s with movies far from critical darlings, yet appealed to the mid-teen market.

Their foray into this and fashion soon brought in returns capable of creating an instant double take.

When they were on the Forbes list, the movies stopped for fashion

Remember back when we heard the Olsens were official billionaires? News of this hit a few years after they quit acting in 2004 to go to college, then quitting the latter to develop their own fashion line.

Since those days, they’ve created various fashion brands and managed to make each a serious business venture. To date, official sources say they’re worth a combined $400 million, with estimates placing them back at billionaire status at times.

With their empire still being influential, you can see why they obviously don’t have any desire to guest-star on measly Fuller House. Even so, it could do them some good to go back to their roots to remind where they originally came from.

While all evidence shows they try to live normal lives, paying homage to where they made their name would remove any potential regrets late in life.