How Much Are the Lagina Brothers Worth?

The Curse of Oak Island treasure hunt requires money — and lots of it. According to several comments on the show, Marty Lagina and his brother, Rick Lagina have invested some of their own money into the Money Pit dig. Which has led fans to question: How much are the Lagina brothers worth? Up ahead, we take a look at Marty and Rick Lagina’s net worth, plus how they get funding for the expensive Oak Island operation.

Rick and Marty Lagina spend a lot of money searching for treasure on Oak Island. | History Channel

Rick Lagina net worth

Prior to going full-time treasure hunter, Rick Lagina was a postal worker. But, after purchasing Oak Island with his brother and business partners, the Money Put enthusiast spends all of his time either searching for treasure on the island or conducting research for future digs. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rick Lagina’s net worth is around $2 million.

Marty Lagina net worth

Marty Lagina might not be as passionate about Oak Island as his brother, but he certainly has the funds to make Rick Lagina’s treasure hunting dreams a reality. According to reports, Marty Lagina’s net worth is in the millions. However, there is conflicting information on the actual number itself. Some believe The Curse of Oak Island star is worth around $40 million while others say it is closer to $100 million.

Who pays for digging on Oak Island?

Contrary to what you might think, there’s not a lot of information out there on who pays for digging on Oak Island. And, while one of the more well-known answers is Marty Lagina, there are likely funds from other sources, too. Here are some potential funding sources for the infamous Money Pit dig on The Curse of Oak Island.

Marty Lagina and Craig Tester

The most well-known source of funding for the Oak Island treasure hunt is Marty Lagina and his business partner, Craig Tester. With a net worth like Marty’s the engineer and entrepreneur is able to fund many of the projects going on at Oak Island — especially with additional funding from Craig Tester.

Oak Island tours

In addition to their excavation, the Lagina brothers and their team own a company that conducts seasonal tours of Oak Island. It is likely that some of the income generated through these tours helps pay for certain costs.

The History Channel

As the History Channel’s most popular series, there’s no doubt that the television network funds some of the Oak Island treasure hunt. Or, at the very least, uses the show as a way to score deals on certain partnerships (ever wonder why The Curse of Oak Island narrator clearly states every business and operation the Lagina brothers work with while filming?).


In addition to their own personal funds, the Oak Island tours, and the potential financial backing of the History Channel, the Lagina brothers likely have funding from behind-the-scenes investors.

Show salary

Rumor has it, the Lagina brothers put a portion (and maybe even all) of their salary from The Curse of Oak Island back into the show’s purpose. Again, this is just a theory, but judging by how passionate Rick Lagina is about the Money Pit dig, we don’t doubt it!

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