How Much Does It Cost to Eat at Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club in Mykonos?

Lindsay Lohan is making a splash in the reality TV scene with her new show, Lohan’s Beach Club. The show will follow a crew of people attempting to bring Lohan’s vision for an idyllic vacation escape to life in the paradise setting of Mykonos, Greece. MTV announced the official premiere of the docuseries in September 2018 with a press release that said:

“Lohan’s team must prove their expertise, ambition, and charm while helping bring Lohan’s vision to life. The stakes are high as the team establishes new friendships and alliances while striving to rise above the temptations the Mykonos nightlife scene has to offer.”

Lindsay Lohan will have creative control of the project since she’s serving as executive producer.

Is the show real?

The first thing most people think when they hear “reality show” is that it’s a little bit of real life and a lot of fakeness. After all, there have been plenty of tell-alls chronicling how reality shows are scripted or manipulated to tell certain stories. It all leads television viewers to the inevitable question: Is Lohan’s Beach Club real, or is it fake?

Until the show premieres, it’s impossible to speculate on whether the drama is real or cleverly edited in post-production. One thing that is true? Lohan Beach Club is a real restaurant where you can go enjoy a meal, drinks, and beach lounging. The reviews on that experience are mixed.

How much does it cost to eat there?

Lohan Beach House currently has a four-star rating on Trip Advisor and falls under the “mid-range” pricing – not cheap, yet not ridiculously expensive. One patron described the place as, “very chill with good music” while others complained about exorbitant prices and snobby staff. However, the menu prices are in line with other resorts in the area.

A regular wrap on the beach menu costs anywhere from 7 to 9 euros ($8 to $11) depending on what you get in it. You’ll find wine by the glass for around $10 and beer for $8. It’s more than you’ll pay stateside – depending on where you live – but very much in line with pricing in Mykonos.

What’s on the menu?

The menu isn’t huge – just a few light bites and appetizers plus drinks. There is an impressive number of smoothie options with fresh fruit, soft drinks, sparkling water, beer, champagne, and white, rose, and red wine. For food, patrons can enjoy a Greek salad (obviously), vegetarian wraps, ceviche, a Black Angus burger, club sandwich, and various desserts.

The menu options aren’t revolutionary, but they seem edible at least. It’s clear that Lohan put more thought into creating a specific type of beach vibe as opposed to attempting a world-class dining experience.

Will Lohan Beach Club be a success?

The actress turned entrepreneur is ready to make a real change. As she told The New York Times, “I’m a normal, nice person. A good person. I don’t have any bad intentions. And my past has to stay in the past.”

“Like, people have to just let go of it and stop bringing it up because it’s not — it’s gone,” she said. “It’s dead. And that’s the most important thing to me.”

Her newest venture may be slightly surprising, but it may be just crazy enough to work.