Fashion Designer, Author, Producer: How Much Is Ashley Olsen Worth Now?

While child actors Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were filming Full House, they ventured out to create a production company of their own, Dualstar Productions. The talented twins weren’t just the face of the company, they appeared in meetings and had a hand in the decision making process long before they could even see over the meeting table! Being businesswomen at such a young age paid off as the they have continued to build their empire. While Mary-Kate struggled to leave acting behind, Ashley seamlessly moved forward, embracing her new career.

It all started with Dualstar Productions

Back in 1993, while the Olsen twins were still filming Full House, a limited liability company was created for their product line. Dualstar Entertainment Group produced straight-to-TV movies, television series, magazines, clothing, and even video games among various other merchandise.

In 2004, over a decade after its creation, the twins were old enough to become joint-CEOs of the company. This was the same year their last movie, New York Minute, came out. Unfortunately, the theatrical film was a box-office bust, causing the company’s success to take a downward turn.

The Olsens bounced back when they reinvented Dualstar to match their new fashion-based career goals. Unfortunately, two years after its reinvention Dualstar faced a class-action lawsuit for unpaid wages. In March 2017 the lawsuit was settled out of court for $140,000.

Ashley Olsen discovers The Row

The Row was established in 2006. It all began when Ashley challenged herself to create a luxurious white T-shirt. At first the Olsens had trouble convincing the industry they could produce a high-end label due to the stigma associated with celebrity lines. Thankfully, through hard work, consistency, and sales the twins showed their opposition that they had what it took to be successful fashion designers and The Row was born.

The label has come a long way from its initial 7-piece collection. Now the Row has two flagship stores, one in Los Angeles and another in New York. The label has even expanded to include a menswear line.

After The Row

Just one year after they established The Row, the fashionistas created a new line, Elizabeth and James. The sister brand is named after their siblings and has a unique vintage flair. While The Row features more masculine and streamlined clothes with perfect silhouettes, Elizabeth and James is all about playfulness and femininity.

In 2008 the ever-growing businesswomen released a celebrity interview book called Influence which discusses the twins’ influence on the fashion industry. After the book release, they went on to create two affordable lines, StyleMint and Olsenboye. Olsenboye launched exclusively at JCPenney in 2009 and StyleMint debuted online in 2011. Neither endeavor is currently active.

Ashley Olsen’s achievements

Ashley Olsen poses in a black outfit

Ashley Olsen | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Ashley was the recipient of the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year Award in 2012, 2014, and 2015 alongside her sister. This year the CFDA awarded them the Accessory Design Award. While The Row only has four wins, the wildly successful line has been nominated every year since their first win in 2012, excluding 2013. The Olsens also won the Wall Street Journal’s Fashion Innovator of the Year title in 2012.

But by far Ashley’s most significant achievement was successfully providing acceptable work conditions for those working in overseas factories and getting full maternity leave for factory women working in Bangladesh.

Ashley Olson net worth: How much is she worth now?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ashley is worth $200 million. Her acting career alongside her ventures in fashion, production and merchandising have all contributed to her net worth. The retail businesses her and Mary-Kate share also bring in approximately $100 million per year making the duo “one” of the 15 wealthiest actresses of all time.