How Much Is Mary-Kate Olsen Worth After Leaving Acting?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s spot on Full House made them a part of every American household from 1987 to 1995. Up until 2004, the twins also released tons of films that families everywhere consumed with enthusiasm. With over a decade on screen,  we thought they would be a part of our lives forever. After all, we did watch them grow up. While they may not have realized it, the Olsens already had other plans.

How much was Mary-Kate paid for being an actress?

The Olsen twins got started in acting when they weren’t even a year old. After New York Minute bombed at the box-office in 2004, Mary-Kate went on to take on more roles without her sister. In 2007 she appeared in several episodes of Weeds as Tara Lindman. Then, in 2008 she starred as Union in The Wackness and as Natalie in a single episode of Samantha Who?. Her final role was as Kendra in the teen romance, Beastly.

Mary-Kate’s acting career spanned 25 years before she decided to call it quits. With such an impressive resume what was Mary-Kate making in her heyday? When Full House started the twins made $2,400 per episode which eventually increased to $25,000. By the time the sitcom was on its way out they were making $80,000 per episode, 33 times more than their starting paychecks.

Mary-Kate leaves acting behind

Beastly, Mary-Kate’s final film, was a misguided edgy teen romance that got a measly 3.7/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. Some think the critical reception may have been the last straw for Mary-Kate, encouraging her to leave acting behind. In 2012, just one year after the failed film, the Olsen twins renounced acting.

The sisters proved their commitment to their new career when Fuller House was in the works. The producer and former cast wanted nothing more than to have Full Houses’ two biggest stars return for the reboot. They turned down the opportunity. While the decision wasn’t a surprise, the Fuller House team couldn’t help but be disappointed.

Mary-Kate enters the fashion industry

The Olsen twins first dipped their toes in fashion when they were kids — putting out a clothing line in Wal-Mart back in the ’90s. Little did we know that would just be the beginning.

In 2006 the twins created their fashion line, The Row. The high-end label started when Ashley set out to create the perfect white T-shirt. One that would be versatile while retaining style. Despite their passion, the heavy hitters in the fashion industry didn’t believe they had what it took to create a high-end label. The Olsens proved them wrong with their successful 7-piece launch, and The Row went on to gain the attention of celebrities worldwide. The clothing’s streamlined look and crisp silhouettes screamed class and style and Hollywood loved it.

With the success of their first line, the twins created another label, Elizabeth and James. Both lines have been well received and are constantly growing. So much so that The Row just officially launched a menswear line. The label has won numerous awards from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, including the Accessory Designer of the Year Award this year.

What is Mary-Kate Olsen’s net worth?

Mary-Kate is worth $200 million, the same amount as her sister. While Ashley put acting behind her after New York Minute, Mary-Kate stuck with it for a bit longer, helping build her net worth. Combined with her start on Full House, the string of merchandise their production company, Dualstar, put out, and the fashion endeavors her and Ashley have taken on, the two are some of the wealthiest child stars.