How Much Is ‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Worth in 2020?

Michael Weatherly is a talented actor who, to many fans, will forever be tied to the popular police procedural drama NCIS. As Tony DiNozzo, Weatherly helped to create an iconic television character, flawed but still heroic. These days, Weatherly is lighting up the screen in the courtroom drama Bull and has appeared in a number of other popular programs. Weatherly is a classic example of a Hollywood success story, and according to a recent report, his work in the television industry has made him quite a wealthy man. 

Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull
Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull | CBS via Getty Images

How did Michael Weatherly become a star?

Michael Weatherly was born in New York City in 1968. When he was quite young, his family moved to Connecticut, where he spent the majority of his childhood. As a young man, Weatherly attended several universities, including Boston University and American University, but he ultimately decided to leave college in order to focus on his real passion — acting. Weatherly’s career began in the early nineties, and fairly quickly, he landed roles on television shows such as The Cosby Show and Loving, according to IMDb.

Weatherly got his first big break in 1992, when he was cast in the TV series The City. Weatherly earned a reputation as a talented, versatile character actor, and he appeared in The City until 1996. After moving to Los Angeles, Weatherly continued to work in television, and his work in the series Dark Angel helped earn him notoriety, as well as several award nominations. 

What is Michael Weatherly best known for?

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In 2003, Michael Weatherly landed the role that he would ultimately become closely tied to for the majority of his career — that of special agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo in the procedural drama NCIS. Weatherly faced a unique challenge in portraying the character of DiNozzo. The former police chief is outgoing, charismatic, and charming, but to many viewers, he came across as rather chauvinistic in early episodes of NCIS. However, Weatherly’s natural ability to find the humanity in any character, as well as his ongoing, intense relationship with Ziva David, helped to endear the character of DiNozzo to viewers, and after only one or two seasons, many fans couldn’t imagine NCIS without Weatherly. His romance with Ziva is widely considered to be one of television’s most enduring love stories. 

Weatherly appeared on NCIS until 2016 when he left the series in order to pursue other projects. Still, many fans dream of the day when DiNozzo might possibly make a grand reappearance on the show, especially in light of the recent storyline involving Ziva David. These days, Weatherly is starring in the hit legal drama Bull and is considered to be one of the most popular actors on television. 

What is Michael Weatherly’s net worth?

Over the past few years, Michael Weatherly has acted in a wide variety of television shows, including Major Crimes, Hollywood Game Night, and Whose Line Is It Anyway? Through it all, he has maintained his steadfast sense of humor, his charm, and his uncanny ability to relate to viewers of all ages and interests. For his hard work in the entertainment business, and the many years that he has committed to building his career in television, Weatherly has become quite wealthy.

According to Express, Weatherly’s net worth in the year 2020 is around $45 million — certainly enough to retire on, if he ever decided that he is done with Hollywood. Still, it seems likely that the beloved actor will continue to impress fans for years to come, with new as well as established projects.