How Much Is Tiffany Haddish Worth And How Did She Respond to Bombing In Miami?

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Comedian Tiffany Haddish rose to fame quickly after appearing in The Real Husbands of Hollywood in 2013. Her offbeat brand of comedy resonated with audiences especially after making a huge splash in 2017’s Girls Trip.

Haddish hosted Saturday Night Live and made a number of appearances in shows like Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson and The Carmichael Show. But the road to fame was not paved in gold either. Haddish had a tough childhood. And found comedy to be the ideal outlet for her pain.

She’s built a significant fortune in only a few short years. While she’s been on a roll, a recent New Year’s Eve appearance in Miami threw a bump in the road. How did she respond to bombing on stage?

Haddish commands a $4 million net worth

The 39-year-old burst onto the scene in 2005 through a few small parts. One included an appearance on hit teen series, That’s So Raven. She also had a small part on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and several other series. But it was her role on the Real Husbands of Hollywood that set the wheels in motion for her career.

From there she packed her resume with roles in shows like If Loving You Is Wrong and Legends of Chamberlain Heights. But it was her portrayal as Dina in the star-studded film Girls Trip that made her a household name. The film grossed more than $140 million worldwide, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Haddish also scored an ad deal with Groupon that included a commercial played during the Super Bowl. Plus she partnered with Netflix for an animated series as well as appearing in a comedy showcase on Showtime. She also hosted the MTV Movie Awards in June 2018.

The road to fame was rocky

Haddish’s early years were painful, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her mother suffered a traumatic car accident, which triggered a schizophrenic episode when Haddish was only 9 years old. After it became clear her mother could no longer care for the children, Haddish and her siblings were placed in foster care. Eventually, the children were sent to live with their grandmother. At one point a social worker insisted Haddish go to therapy. But instead, she opted to attend the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp.

Comedy seemed to ease Haddish’s demons. But her struggle to find her footing in the craft was challenging. At one point, she was living out of her car while working with comedian Kevin Hart. She was partnered with Hart for a sketch on Comedy Playground and Hart noticed she was homeless, according to People. Hart gave Haddish $300 for a hotel and suggested she write down goals to reach.

Haddish made her list and ultimately hit every goal (and beyond). “I’m just like, ‘Wow. Full circle,’ ” she told People. “When he [Hart] sees me, he says he’s so proud of me and stuff. And he’s always giving me the best advice. And I try to listen to him. Sometimes I don’t. And then I’ll be like, ‘Dang, I should’ve listened.’”

She responded to her bomb in Miami the best way too

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As someone who fought and struggled for her career, Haddish also knows how to respond when things don’t go as planned. She was booked for a New Year’s Eve stand-up gig in Miami. But she forgot some jokes. And the jokes she remembered definitely did not stick, The Root reports.

Fans became agitated and booed the comedian, leaving the venue in droves. A number of people posted about the show saying she acknowledged not everyone is great at their job every day. She even asked people sitting in the front row if they had questions.

Although most of the attendees walked out, those who stayed were probably happy they did. Haddish ended her set early and had drinks with fans at the venue. She also tweeted about the bomb and received backup support from other stars. “I bombed last night too and all I had to do was read a prompter and also I lost an eyeball,” wrote Chrissy Teigen. “f**k it we good and you are a queen.” Plus, “Cameras blow everything out of proportion,” wrote Damon Wayans Junior. “Having a bad set is part of being a comic. You’re dope :).”

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