How Much Longer Will Katy Perry Last as an ‘American Idol’ Judge?

ABC’s reboot of American Idol has replaced most of the iconic cast with choices of their own – except, of course, the ever-faithful Ryan Seacrest, who has resumed his hosting duties after a full 16 seasons on the original American Idol. The new judges include the likes of country singing sensation, Luke Bryan, and Grammy award winning musician with a decades-spanning career, Lionel Richie. It also includes Katy Perry, who is a modern pop success with a large modern fan base.

That large fan base, however, is not saving her from a large amount of scrutiny. Many wonder why Katy Perry still is (or, in some cases, ever was) a judge on American Idol – and even her most loyal fans can see the point in some not-so-subtle ways. But what is it that she’s doing to earn so much hate, and how much longer will Katy Perry last as an American Idol judge? Here’s what we know. 

A blatant disregard for male contestants

Many fans have expressed outrage for the blatant disregard Katy Perry has for male contestants. She not only toys with them, but many feel Katy Perry is honestly guilty of sexual assault on several levels. Some of her exploits are more innocent than others. For example, Perry once referred to herself as a “32 year old cougar” when admiring a young male contestant. Another time she held a gold ticket to Hollywood between her toes and told a male contestant to grab it.

Then there was the time she kissed a guy and he most certainly did not like it. After the young man confessed he’d never been kissed during his audition, Perry took it upon herself to fix it … without his consent. Not only did she not get his consent, but the young man stated the experience left him feeling uncomfortable, and that he’d been saving his first kiss for his first relationship because he wanted it to be special.

Most fans were outraged. They made the obvious point that if one of the male judges had kissed a female contestant without their consent that it would be considered sexual assault … while Perry simply sat back, laughed, and was mostly not held responsible for her actions. 

She makes ‘American Idol’ about herself

Another big issue is that Katy Perry steals the spotlight in a fairly obvious way. It is obvious that things need to be about her, even over the contestants everyone is actually trying to watch.

Her co-judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, should honestly garner more credit as they’ve honestly had much more successful careers. The only difference is that Perry’s success is much more mainstream and recent… and both Bryan and Richie appear to be entirely content to sit back and allow Perry to absorb all the attention. The way she goes about it, however, is incredibly distracting. 

Katy Perry is just trying too hard

Many feel that Katy Perry is generally trying too hard, and it isn’t just the distracting way that she aims to put herself constantly in the spotlight. Some have ceased being her fan because it just feels like she’s trying too hard to stay hip and cool, versus staying true to the music she wants to play or being who she really is.

A prime example is the way she chose to sell her new album Witness. She proclaimed it to be something called “purposeful pop,” and stated that these meant to her “a song that starts conversations, and I think that’s what we need more than ever.” Unfortunately, the general consensus is that Perry failed utterly to deliver anything more than your run-of-the-mill pop with elaborate stage shows centered around politics. 

This over-trying has carried over into her hosting duties on American Idol, and the general consensus remains the same: people are disappointed. If ABC listens to their audience, it may not be much longer before Katy Perry gets the boot from American Idol… but as of right now, there is no definitive word on how much longer she will last.