How Much Money Did Tom Hardy Get Paid for Venom?

Venom trailer
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When you go to the movies and watch your favorite celebrities on the big screen, one thing you might be curious about is how much top-billed stars earn for their performances. For example, how much do action stars get paid to pretend they’re jumping off buildings, participating in a high-speed car chase, or saving the world from dangerous villains? One actor who might come to mind is Tom Hardy, star of the Marvel film Venom. His action-packed performances likely have you curious about his earnings. Well, wonder no more.

Here’s how much Tom Hardy was paid for his role in Venom.

The early years

Tom Hardy was born in Hammersmith, London. He knew early on that he wanted to become an actor. As a young man he pursued acting at the Richmond Drama School and the Drama Centre London. He went on to enjoy a successful acting career in London and the United States.

His rise to fame

Tom Hardy made his acting debut in the 2001 short film Tommaso. He then moved on to television, appearing in the mini-series Band of Brothers. From there, he appeared in the popular films Black Hawk Down (2001), Star Trek: Nemesis (2002), Inception (2010) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

Hardy’s big break came when he played the role of Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis. He is also known for playing Eames in the movie Inception, alongside actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Hardy won the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Rising Star Award for his performance in the film.

Back in 2007, he directed the play Blue on Blue, which was written by his father, Edward Hardy, a comedy and novel writer. That same year, Hardy also appeared in the TV movie Stuart: A Life Backwards, for which he won a best actor honor nomination from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Tom Hardy’s net worth and highest-grossing movie roles

Tom Hardy has a net worth of $30 million. The actor has had his share of hit movies. Some of his highest-grossing films include The Dark Knight Rises, with a lifetime gross of more than $448 million; Inception, with a lifetime gross of more than $292 million; and Dunkirk, with a lifetime gross of more than $190 million, according to research from Box Office Mojo.

How much Tom Hardy was paid for Venom

Hardy’s Venom salary might surprise you. Chances are, it’s a lot more than what you make, but it’s not as much as some of Hardy’s Hollywood peers. Hardy was paid $7 million for his role in Venom. This is quite low compared to the $25 million Daniel Craig will earn for his performance in the upcoming film Bond 25.

What’s next for Tom Hardy

Hardy’s on-screen work has led to more acting roles, so he continues to stay incredibly busy. He already has three other movies in the works. Hardy is currently working on the upcoming films Fonzo, War Party, and Mad Max: The Wasteland. In Mad Max, he will reprise his role as Max Rockatansky.

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