How Much Money was Farrah Abraham Just Sued for, and Why?

It may not have been the happiest holiday season for Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. While the star, who first attained fame through MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, is no longer affiliated with the show, her multiple business ventures, strong social media presence, and nonstop drama have been drawing fans to her for years. Recently, her followers thought they’d get to see her in a whole new arena — a boxing ring. According to Farrah’s social media, she trained hard to compete in a celebrity boxing match. Unfortunately, she dropped out at the last minute, leaving her with disappointed fans and a lawsuit on her hands.

Here’s why Farrah’s in legal trouble and how much money she’s being sued for.

Farrah dropped out of her celebrity boxing match after she signed a contract

Fans were anticipating Farrah duking out in the celebrity boxing ring for months thanks to her Instagram posts. Back in November 2018, People reminds us the star was set to fight against Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, another reality star known for winning Flavor Flav’s affection in Flavor of Love, for a charity match that was donating proceeds to an anti-bullying campaign.

Hoopz was looking forward to fighting Farrah, but there were issues early on with the match for the Teen Mom alum. Farrah claimed the promoters were “in breach” of contract, as she stated, “They have not gotten flights or delivered on contractual obligations as well as safety.” The promoters claim such was not the case, however. They said all of Farrah’s demands listed on the contract were met, and they even paid her half of the money they owed her before the match. It seems some of her requests — like 32 hotel rooms for the event, for example — were too over the top for promoter Damon Feldman to comply with, however.

While it seemed like Farrah would be able to work out her differences with the promoters, she ended up dropping out of the match at the last minute. People reports her manager, David Weintraub, said, “The promoter has been in breach of the contract, he has not delivered on anything that was promised in the contract. … We wish him the best with the low-end, mockery of an exhibition fight.”

Promoter Damon Feldman is suing Farrah for $12,000

Farrah dropping out of the fight didn’t go over so well with promoter Damon Feldman. While the fight still took place despite Farrah’s absence, Damon’s not willing to let her get away with breaching her contract unscathed. According to TMZ, Damon is suing her for $12,000 due to the fact that she took money upfront and signed the contract without actually participating.

Farrah’s manager seems unfazed by the legal threats, however. “We are truly wishing Damon the best with his frivolous lawsuit,” David Weintraub said. “Everyone must realize this guy broke his own contract with us & runs this ‘so called’ business out of his studio apartment and doing ‘basement style event fights’ that no one watches. He should work a little harder to pay for travel/accommodations for the talent and team and then perhaps the talent will actually come.”

Farrah was also served a cease and desist order by Damon Feldman

Before the current lawsuit, things were heating up between the promoters and Farrah. Damon served her with a cease and desist letter after she dropped out of the match because of her “defamatory statements and libelous communications” about the match, People reports. Attorney John A. Gallagher from the Gallagher Law Group claimed Damon was “subjected to ridicule, scorn, embarrassment and potential loss of earnings” because of Abraham’s comments, which he also called “insulting, offensive and slanderous.”

This seemed to fuel the fire even more, however, though months have passed since the event took place. Will Farrah have to pay a fine for ditching the match, or will it all be settled in court? We’ll have to see.

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