How Much Will Queen Elizabeth’s Death Impact Britain?

Although everyone is excited that Prince Charles will be the next king, it will come at a time when Britain is in its darkest hour. Charles will become king upon Queen Elizabeth’s passing. The people of England just love the queen, who is the longest reigning living monarch to date. Over the decades, she has given countless support to so many and has impacted millions of lives.

While it may be something that is certainly not fun to think or speak about, most people can’t help but wonder what will happen when Queen Elizabeth II passes away, and how will her death impact Britain?

A devastating day

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The day that the queen passes away will absolutely be a devastating day for everyone. There will be tears and mourning, with everyone remembering all the good she has done over the past six decades.

The people of England will be sharing stories and memories, and although it will be quite a sad event, the fond memories are sure to elicit smiles from many people.

Buckingham Palace will announce the sad news

Obviously, the members of the royal family will know the sad news before the public or the news media. Another obvious fact is that at the present time, no one knows what the cause of death will be, so we can’t say if it will be expected at that particular time or not. However it sadly happens, we can expect an official announcement.

Before this happens, though, Sir Christopher Geidt, the queen’s private secretary, will have the duty of informing the Prime Minister, who will then pass the news to the countries and Commonwealth nations of which the queen is head of state.

The news media will make statements

News media outlets in England, such as the BBC, will make their statements, as will news media all over the world.

It is said that news broadcasters in England actually rehearse their statements well ahead of time, and know exactly what they will say and wear when they deliver the sad news. On the evening of the queen’s death, Prince Charles will make an official statement as well.

A 12-day period of mourning

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Ben Birchall – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Upon the death of Queen Elizabeth, Britain will have a 12-day mourning period. It is during this time that the queen’s body will be transported to Buckingham Palace, given that she passed away in a different location. Flags will begin to fly at half-mast, and the queen’s casket will likely be at Westminster Hall so that the members of the public can pay their respects to the monarch.

Also during this time, funeral arrangements will be made, and all comedy shows canceled until after the funeral. The funeral will more than likely take place at either Saint Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey. 

The day of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

On the day that Queen Elizabeth is laid to rest, the royal family can expect a huge turnout. People from around the country and the world will be present to say their final goodbyes to the queen who is so near and dear to many. On this day, U.K. banks will not be open for business and the London stock exchange will close as well.

Residents of England can likely expect many businesses to close for the day, which will then be named as a holiday.

The overall impact

The death of the queen will no doubt have a huge impact on Britain. Thousands of hours of labor will likely be lost, costing the British economy a significant amount of money.

This will definitely be a sad time for England and the world since the fact that Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne for so long means that she is the only monarch that many people have ever known.