How Neil Lane Helps Bachelors Choose The Right Ring–It Takes ‘Hours’

When Bachelor Nation thinks engagement rings they think ‘Neil Lane.’ Every season, the jeweler meets with the final contestants to help them select a ring that’s perfect for their partner, and it takes a lot longer than you might expect.

Neil Lane and Garrett Yrigoyen | Paul Hebert via Getty Images
Neil Lane and Garrett Yrigoyen | Paul Hebert via Getty Images

Neil Lane and ‘The Bachelor/ette’ selection process

Though Bachelor viewers only get a glimpse of the jeweler on their TV screens, Lane says the process of choosing a ring takes “hours.”

“I have hours of filming to get at the dramatic moment where we finally settle,” he told Elite Daily.

Of his process, Lane says he speaks with contestants about finding the right ring for their partner’s taste.

“He might think, ‘Oh, she’s really elegant, she loves that 1920s look’,” Lane said. “Or he might go [with] something more romantic, with a pear shape.”

Lane has to help some contestants more than others.

“I have to coach them,” he explained. “A ring is a huge deal. It’s a serious thing, and their hearts are on their sleeves when I’m working with them.”

Lane bring “six rings to every show.” He starts the selection process by having the bachelors eliminate what they certainly don’t like.

“So we go and say, ‘What don’t you like for sure?’ And we eliminate two [rings] right away, and then we go down the line and talk about her personality,” he shared.

The different types of rings Neil Lane brings ‘Bachelor/ette’ contestants

The six types of rings Lane brings on set with him are: romantic, rustic, elegant, lavish, modern, and vintage.

He says, though he helps contestants choose the right ring, ultimately, it’s up to the contestants do decide.

Lane says each ring should reflect the personality of the potential wearer.

“It’s a lifetime that goes with the ring,” he explained.

Viewers might remember Hannah Brown’s romantic oval-cut stone or Demi Burnett’s larger-than-life square-cut diamond. In addition to matching rings to the woman’s personality, Lane thinks it’s also important for the piece of jewelry to reflect the couple’s relationship.

“With Kristian and Demi, we went with two rings with distinctly different styles but similarly shaped stones to celebrate their personalities and unique love story,” he said. “The ring Dylan chose for Hannah highlights their classic style — it’s more traditional but has a hint of glamour, much like Hannah herself. Katie and Chris’ passion is undeniable, so for this couple, a brilliant cut diamond was chosen to represent their dazzling love for one another.”

Lane’s intimate involvement in the final stages of the show can get emotional. It never ceases to amaze him how happy the finale is for the winning contestant, and how sad it is for the runner-up.

“It’s heartbreaking when he’s the one that’s not chosen,” Lane says. “And it’s joyous for the one who is chosen, it’s a magical time.”

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