How Often Does Meghan Markle Dress Like Princess Diana?

Long before Meghan Markle became an official member of the royal family, she was turning heads with her California casual style. As a popular star of the long-running show Suits, Markle was often photographed in preppy, athletic clothes that paid homage to her Los Angeles roots.

Now that she is married to Prince Harry, Markle is under even more of a microscope, with websites and blogs dedicated to her outfit choices. Many eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Markle likes to pay homage to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, through expert clothes styling.

She likes to wear similar colors

One obvious way Markle imitates Princess Diana is through some of the colors she favors. Markle has been photographed many times wearing things in the exact same colors that Princess Diana preferred, including emerald green, bright red, and deep purple. Neither royal is afraid of wearing bold colors, and often express themselves through the clever use of fashion. 

Markle also loves statement dresses, just like Princess Diana. The world couldn’t get enough of the two different dresses Markle wore on her wedding day, from the classic boatneck of her wedding dress to the high-neck, slinky white dress that she wore to the party following the ceremony. Similarly, Princess Diana was well known for her affinity for bold dresses that her fans couldn’t get enough of.

They also both appreciate soft, feminine colors – shortly after her wedding, Meghan Markle stepped out in a gorgeous, blush-toned dress, which immediately reminded royal watchers of a similar ensemble that Princess Diana wore in the late ’80s. The similarities don’t stop with solid colors. The Duchess of Sussex even chooses prints and patterns that seem to be a deliberate nod to outfits that Princess Diana wore. Most recently, that included a stunning blue and white floral dress that was almost identical to a 1986 ensemble of Princess Diana’s.

They both love accessories

Meghan Markle doesn’t shy away from accessories, from statement hats to fun jewelry. Princess Diana was famous for her ability to look amazing in hats, from small, retro berets to large sun hats. Markle has also been wearing a lot of hats since her marriage to Prince William, seemingly in an effort to emulate her much-loved mother-in-law. 

Of course, Meghan Markle’s ring is noted for featuring diamonds that once belonged to Prince Harry’s mother. But the stunning piece isn’t the only way that Markle keeps Princess Diana’s memory alive through accessories. Prince Harry has gifted his wife with several pieces from his late mother’s collection, including a gold bracelet and a massive, flawless aquamarine ring

Other ways Markle pays homage to Princess Diana

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are devoted to keeping Princess Diana’s memory alive in a number of ways that go beyond clothing and jewelry choices. Markle is a dedicated philanthropist and works with a number of charitable causes all over the world. Those who have met her mention that she has the ability to communicate well with anyone and that her sense of empathy and understanding is similar to Princess Diana’s. Markle is also an outspoken feminist and has said that she will raise her child to be a supporter of all people everywhere.

Markle and her husband will welcome their brand new baby in late April or early May, and while royal watchers are speculating that they could name the baby after Princess Diana, they haven’t given away any clues. No matter what they choose to name their new baby, it is certain that Princess Diana would have loved Meghan Markle and the community-minded spirit that they both share.