How Old Is Adele and How Many Kids Does She Have?

Let’s never forget that Adele is still one of the world’s greatest pop singers alive, despite taking long breaks to get away from the limelight. While we may see other great pop singers like Kelly Clarkson or Mariah Carey continue to dominate the charts, when Adele comes back with a new project, everyone stands back.

She has a bit of seniority now considering she’s been doing this for 11 years. Even so, it’s still startling to remember she’s six years younger than Kelly Clarkson and 20 years younger than Mariah. Latter may have the seniority by age only.

Adele seems like she’s lived a while, though. What is her real age? Will she have children inheriting her amazing talent?

A major hit album before even turning 20

The “old souls” of pop and Neo-Soul music frequently look slightly older than they really are. Look back to 2008 when Adele released her first smash album and you’ll notice she looked ten years older than she really was.

At only 19 when her album 19 dropped, most people hearing her voice thought she was 30 if not older. Singing prodigies who can manifest a deep-seeded soul are still rare, yet you can find a number of them out of the U.K. Singers like the late Amy Winehouse (and recent America’s Got Talent star Courtney Hadwin) are good examples of this.

With Adele, however, you had someone with a special vocal timbre few others had. You can have soul to your voice, but the quality of how the voice conveys emotion is what truly matters.

By the time she released 21 in 2011, it was hard to believe anyone could catch up to an album eventually hitting diamond status.

A time for a love life amid the chaos

In the middle of her explosion of popularity here in the U.S. with 21, Adele started dating Simon Konecki, a charity entrepreneur. They basically kept their relationship on the downlow, including keeping Konecki out of the spotlight.

Most fans during the time weren’t even aware she had a serious boyfriend. They were so serious, she ended up pregnant a year later. Having a child during her biggest career explosion likely wasn’t easy. Nevertheless, it confirmed Adele would assuredly have offspring, something anyone would be excited to hear if the child inherited her talent someday.

It turned out her child was a boy. She and Konecki named him Angelo, and he’s almost seven years old now.

When a year old, his parents sued a British paparazzi (and won) for taking private photos of Angelo without permission.

Taking a break to become a stay-at-home mom

There isn’t any denying Adele’s success was overwhelming, likely even for her. She wisely took breaks in-between each new album to recharge from the madness.

Her longest break has been more recently to stay at home and raise her son. This break might not last much longer when you consider photos have surfaced of her spending extra time in NYC, possibly preparing a new album for this year.

There was even a memorable sighting in late March of Adele hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence at a gay bar where former introduced herself as a “stay at home mum.”

It’s still stunning how much Adele has accomplished at her age

Did you know Adele is only 30 years old? She’ll be 31 on May 5. All told, how many artists have turned into a singing icon before they were even 25?

We only have to wait and see if her next album will be called 30 since she’s named all her albums after her ages. Many expect she’ll release her new album this December, which makes us wonder if she’ll call it 31 to throw off the even numbers.

One thing we do know is Adele has perfected life in being able to enjoy a chaotically rich career while taking time to be a normal mother. If she decides to have more kids, they should be so lucky to have a mother who understands this balance.