How Old Is Alex Rodriguez and How Does He Stay Healthy?

These days, Alex Rodriguez is best known for being the high-profile fiance of Jennifer Lopez. However, the longtime New York Yankees player has his own well-established career that keeps him in the headlines, day after day.

One reason why his relationship with Lopez stays so tight is their propensity to do things together, including working out at the same time. Although Lopez keeps herself in insane physical condition, Rodriguez himself is no slouch when it comes to fitness.

How old is Alex Rodriguez?

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez | John Lamparski/Getty Images

At 44 years old, Alex Rodriguez has had one of the most incredible careers of any baseball player in history. Although he rose to prominence in the early 2000s, it was in 2004, after he joined the New York Yankees, when Rodriguez’s career really took off. He scored 3,000 career hits and won the World Series in 2009. 

Rodriguez retired from baseball in 2016 and for a short time, lived relatively under the radar. However, when he started dating Jennifer Lopez in early 2017, the media went crazy.

Rodriguez and Lopez got engaged in early 2019 and while they have stayed fairly quiet regarding their wedding plans, it seems likely that the two will tie the knot sooner than later. Rodriguez and Lopez have traveled the world together.

Most recently, when Lopez took off on her “It’s My Party” concert tour, Rodriguez was by her side every step of the way, cheering her on from the front row and celebrating her achievements backstage as well.

Rodriguez recently shared his best fitness tips

One of the ways that Lopez and Rodriguez stay so close is their similar philosophies and approaches to life, including how big of a role healthy living plays in their everyday routines. Recently, Rodriguez shared a video that gave fans an up-close and personal look at how dedicated he and Lopez are to staying fit.

In the video, Rodriguez and Lopez are in the middle of an intense workout, but Rodriguez takes the time to share some of his best tips for getting fit. He claims that he generally prefers to work out in the mornings in order to better activate his body, but that he always tries to get in a workout every day, no matter where he might be.

Rodriguez also knows the importance of staying super hydrated. In the video, he revealed that he drinks one to two gallons of water every day.

Proper hydration leads to more effective workouts, glowing skin, and better digestive health. Drinking enough water also helps keep junk food cravings at bay.

Rodriguez and Lopez stay fit together

Exercising together is one way that Rodriguez and Lopez bond, but they also work on their diets at the same time. When Lopez was getting in shape for the filming of her new film Hustlers, where she plays a stripper, she restricted herself to an extreme 10-day diet that included eliminating all carbs and sugar.

Rodriguez joined her in the challenge, but once the 10 days were up, Rodriguez went all-in on a massive junk food binge. 

He also freely raids her impressive stash of skincare and beauty products, and even though he’s a major league baseball player, Rodriguez has no qualms about making sure his skin is properly taken care of. He admitted to loving Aveda’s Brilliant line of products and St. Ives lotion. 

Clearly, Rodriguez and Lopez love spending time together doing the little things like eating, exercising, and pampering themselves. With their wedding on the horizon, fans can expect to see and hear even more from this A-list power couple in the weeks and months to come.