How Old Is Ben Affleck?

He’s widely considered to be one of the most successful actors of his generation, with dozens of hit movies to his credit. Ben Affleck can afford to be a bit choosier about his roles these days, after having reached the pinnacle of his career, and is still a profitable box office draw.

Let’s break down the history of Affleck’s career and discuss his most popular films.

How did Affleck start acting?

Ben Affleck was born in 1972, to an artistic family that encouraged his desire to get involved with acting. Not many Affleck fans know that he was a successful child actor, and appeared in several PBS series and various television specials in the late 80s. He even appeared in a Burger King commercial in 1989. 

Following his graduation from high school, Affleck moved to New York to really pursue his acting career. He scored small roles in TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Against the Grain. Turning his attention to movie work, Affleck starred as an art student in the 1995 film Glory Daze. Audiences found Affleck to be appealing in a good-natured, laid-back way, and that movie led to two popular movie collaborations with indie filmmaker Kevin Smith. Affleck appeared in Mallrats and Chasing Amy, which have both become cult classics. 

Affleck really starting getting critical attention when he made Good Will Hunting in 1997. In addition to acting, Affleck co-wrote the script with his good friend Matt Damon, another talented star on the rise. Good Will Hunting received widespread critical acclaim and landed Affleck an Oscar for screenwriting when he was only 25 years old. To date is still considered to be one of Affleck’s most important productions. 

How old is Ben Affleck?

Good Will Hunting kicked Affleck’s career into overdrive, and the late 90s and early 2000s were a period of great success for Ben Affleck. He appeared in blockbuster movies like Armageddon and Shakespeare in Love and became one of Hollywood’s most popular leading men. During the next ten years, he would diversify his portfolio by appearing a wide variety of different genres, including action thrillers like The Sum of All Fears and romantic comedies like Bounce

At his current age of 46, Affleck’s career has slowed down a bit, but he still remains a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. He starred in the much-lauded 2014 drama Gone Girl and became a comic-book icon when was cast as Bruce Wayne in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. While the casting of Affleck was met with fan backlash at first, many critics praised the more mature perspective that Affleck brought to the role, and he went on to play Batman/Bruce Wayne in Justice League and in a cameo in Suicide Squad

What’s next for Ben Affleck?

Personally, Ben Affleck has had a difficult few years. His marriage to Jennifer Garner ended in divorce in 2017, and it was widely reported that the dissolution of the marriage was due to Affleck’s ongoing struggle with alcoholism. Still, he has managed to co-parent he and Garner’s three children while continuing to work in Hollywood on various projects. He has become well known as an excellent director, and frequently works behind the camera, directing, writing, and producing the films that he is most passionate about.

Fans can see Affleck in the upcoming drama Torrance, as well as Witness for the Prosecution, an adaptation of the popular Agatha Christie novel, and a Netflix original called Triple Frontier. Ben Affleck has become a Hollywood icon, and at the still-young age of only 46, has many years of success ahead of him.