How Old Is Darren Criss, and Why He Could Be One of the Youngest Golden Globe Winners Ever

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Darren Criss’ chilling performance as serial killer Andrew Cunanan in The Assassination of Gianni Versace earned him a Golden Globe best actor nod. The docudrama, which is part of Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story series meticulously detailed the true crime murder of the fashion designer. But also dove deeply into both Versace and Cunanan’s lives.

The powerful performances by both Criss and Edgar Ramirez, who was Versace reincarnated, produced significant Golden Globe approval. The miniseries earned a Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television nomination, Variety reports. Plus Ramirez and Penelope Cruz received a supporting role nod for vivid portrayals of Gianni and Donatella Versace. Criss scored a best actor nomination for his role as Cunanan.

Fans are not only abuzz because of Criss’ groundbreaking performance. But also the fact that he could make Golden Globe history.

He’s still new to Hollywood

Criss has an extensive acting resume but is still relatively new to tinsel town. He appeared in short film, I Adore You in 2005 but gained traction playing Toby Phillips in Lily White Lie in 2009. Criss was also in Eastwick, followed by a string of special appearances in shows like The Cleveland Show and Archer.

His big break came in 2010 when he portrayed gay student, Blaine Anderson in Glee. He remained part of the cast until 2015 and then dove into additional television series. However, it was his role as Cunanan in 2018 that changed everything. He also appeared in another Ryan Murphy production, American Horror Story as Justin.

Why could he make Golden Globes history?

Criss is 31 years old, which puts him in exclusive Golden Globes company. He first made Emmy history in September 2018 by becoming the second youngest actor to win a “Best Limited Series/TV Movie Actor” award, Gold Derby reports.  Typically the “best actor” in this category goes to a more seasoned actor, according to Gold Derby. Which is why if Criss wins, he would be the third youngest to win the award.

Previous young actors who took home the Golden Globe in this category were James Franco and Johanthan Rhys Meyers. Franco was 23 years old and won for his portrayal of James Dean in 2002. Meyers was 28 years old and won for Elvis in 2006.

While he would be the third youngest, he has plenty of company amongst those in their thirties. Anthony Andrews was 35 years old when he won for Brideshead Revisited and Tom Hiddleston was also 35 for The Night Manager in 2017.

How likely is he to win?

Gold Derby, which prognosticates Hollywood races, believe Criss is likely to make Globes history. “The actor is currently in first place in our combined odds to win for his performance as serial killer Andrew Cunanan,” according to Gold Derby. “His unnerving turn has all the makings of being one of those undeniable performances that sweeps the Emmy, Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award.” Criss won’t be the only actor in his thirties in the running. Jonah Hill will be 35 when the Golden Globes air.

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