How Old Is JoJo Siwa From ‘Dance Moms’ Now and What Is She Doing in 2019?

Fans of reality television and dancing alike have been keeping up with Dance Moms for years. The show originally featured Abby Lee Miller and a handful of talented kids attending her dance school in the hopes of becoming stars. While not too many viewers expected kids starring on a Lifetime series to have their big break, many did — and some children, like Maddie Ziegler, have grown up to be huge stars and work with masters of the entertainment industry.

Another little girl who started under Abby Lee Miller’s tutelage and has since grown into a huge star is JoJo Siwa. Here’s how old she is now and what we can expect from her in 2019.

Today, JoJo is 15 years old

While we remember Maddie Ziegler all the way back in Season 1 of Dance Moms, the fantastic dancer had new competition in town once Season 5 began. International Business Times reminds us JoJo came onto the reality TV scene with Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition during Season 2. And though she was the youngest competitor at just 9 years old, she was certainly a dancer to watch. She made it to the top five dancers of the show before making appearances on Dance Moms and joining Abby Lee’s team  and it seems she still maintains a tight relationship with Abby to this day.

Today, JoJo is 15 years old and still growing in popularity more than ever before. While her dancing brought her to our television screens, it’s her big bows, spunky personality, and determination to be a star that has grown her fan base. As she moves through her teen years, many are expecting great things from her.

She’s grown popular through YouTube and other social media

There’s a reason you may be hearing more about JoJo today than you ever did through Dance Moms — and that’s because she’s grown a massive following through social media. Not only does she still dance, but JoJo has since released songs she’s written and has her own line of bows she’s produced for Claire’s. She’s also signed with Nickelodeon and has made appearances on various TV shows owned by the network while also developing a line of products with them.

Her online presence seems to be her strongest venture thus far, however. According to USA Today, she has millions of subscribers on both YouTube and Instagram — and her mom is helping her along the way as well. As Jessalynn Siwa (who we’ve seen on Dance Moms in the past) told the publication regarding JoJo’s social media networking, “The greatest thing about it is she literally was doing it all herself, from filming to editing to thumbnails to producing. To see her have the success is really just the cherry on top.” Jessalynn also helps JoJo stay on track for school and manages what she’s producing online.

What’s she doing in 2019?

So, what can we expect from JoJo in 2019? According to her website, she’s recently released an EP titled “D.R.E.A.M.” and seems to be focusing on an intense performance scheduled for the future. She’s announced her D.R.E.A.M. tour, which evidently isn’t her first time traveling the world while partnered with Nickelodeon. She’s also helped out with U.S. SlimeFest events and has toured through Mexico, Australia, and the U.K. with the network — so we’re betting more travel and worldwide reach is in her plans for 2019 and beyond.

JoJo may no longer be associated with Dance Moms, but it appears she still has Abby Lee Miller in her corner to celebrate in her successes, too. People reports more recently, Abby Lee was celebrating her 52nd birthday with JoJo and mother Jessalynn by her side — and from Instagram we saw they all also spent the New Year together.

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