How Old Is Mark Zuckerberg?

It seems Mark Zuckerberg is in the news far too much lately for all the wrong reasons, with each ensuing story making him and Facebook look worse. While he still has a sense of legend in creating Facebook and becoming a billionaire at a very young age, his own former partner in the company is now speaking out against him.

A recent NBC interview with Chris Hughes showed the co-creator of Facebook thinks Zuckerberg is far too powerful for his own good. With a call to break up Facebook to avoid them becoming a monopoly, it has everyone analyzing Zuckerberg again and what made him seemingly unstoppable (as well as legally untouchable).

What is his age now? What might he face before he even reaches middle age?

Starting a successful company when in college can lead to early problems

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg | Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

There’s a good argument to be made that finding success too early and too fast leads to inevitable burnout. Building wealth over time seems to work better for most people since it gives a feeling of gradual accomplishment during the crest of middle age.

Zuckerberg was already considered a programming wizard as a teenager and during his earliest college years. We all know now Zuck created Facebook in his Harvard dorm before he was even 20 years old. Most people look to the film The Social Network as reference points in how this was done.

It turns out maybe it didn’t tell the entire story about what Hughes knew about his former partner/friend. Most friends understand who their fellow friends are while in college. Hughes and the other Facebook co-founders might have been blinded by the prospect the guy they were working with could make them super rich.

Quality was initially in sight during Facebook’s early days

During the turn of the 2010s, Zuckerberg was showing up on “Most Influential” lists and founded himself on the Forbes list. Just before Steve Jobs died, Zuckerberg noted he consulted with him about setting up a good management team to bring as high a quality as possible.

Jobs obviously was malicious at times in moving Apple ahead. Regardless, he at least had a common goal in creating something useful for everyone. Zuckerberg clearly wanted the same thing initially until obscuring his vision as sole person exerting control over the company.

When Zuckerberg went to Russia in 2011 at the age of 26 to promote the use of Facebook, many today wonder if this set the stage for Russia perhaps meddling in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

Will Zuckerberg find himself on the outs before he even turns 40?

On May 14 of this year, Zuckerberg turned 35 years old. After the stunning comments from Hughes above his co-partner abusing his power (plus the government contesting his actions), we have to wonder if Zuckerberg will hit a wall before his late 30s.

Will the government ultimately consider them a traitorous organization due to allowing Russia to influence the election? Or, they may just consider MZ much like Bill Gates once was and intervene with anti-trust laws to break up the company.

Many of our sitting members of Congress seemed confused about what Facebook exactly offered to people. Due to this confounded opinion and lack of knowledge, we wonder if Zuckerberg truly will go unchecked for years more.

If not, he’s asking for one of the biggest cliches of power: Being brought down before middle-age, leaving nowhere to go but down. This shouldn’t be the trajectory for anyone without losing their sanity and all sense of purpose in life. We only hope Mark fixes things so Facebook can finally show its fullest positive potential in bringing everyone together ethically.