How Old Is Rapper Lil Reese, and What Is His 2019 Net Worth?

After dropping out of high school to fully pursue music, Lil Reese became a huge name in the Chicago drill music scene around 2010. He then featured on Chief Keef’s classic “I Don’t Like” record, which caused people to start paying attention to the young talented rapper.

Reese capitalized off his success and began dropping several songs, ultimately landing a deal with Def Jam Records. Now affiliated with 3Hunna Entertainment, he has kept a relatively low profile until the news of his shooting sent shock waves throughout the hip hop community.

Lil Reese
Lil Reese | Johnny Nunez

Thankfully, Reese is okay and has been released from the hospital. How old is the rapper, and what is his 2019 net worth?

How old is Lil Reese?

Born Tavares Taylor on January 6, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois, Reese is currently 26-years-old. The rapper rose to fame in 2012 from his feature on Chief Keef’s wildly popular song, “I Don’t Like.”

Fans began listening to his music, including well-known producer No. I.D. and he helped sign the Chicago rapper to Def Jam. In November 2012, he appeared on rapper Rick Ross’ mixtape The Black Bar Mitzvah with his remix of “Us,” including Drake, and Juelz Santana featured him on “Bodies.”

In September 2013, Reese dropped his second solo mixtape, which featured artists Lil Durk, Chief Keef, Waka Flocka Flame, Wale, and the late Fredo Santana.

No longer signed to Def Jam, but affiliated with 3Hunna Entertainment, Reese currently continues to release music on his YouTube channel on which his videos have thousands to millions of views.

Lil Reese’s run-ins with the law

The rapper had his first legal issue in May 2010 when he plead guilty to burglary charges. Reese received two years of probation. Only a few months after his probation ended, someone posted a video depicting the rapper allegedly assaulting a woman.

Chicago Police then arrested Reese on charges relating to his actions one year later. In June 2013, he was arrested for motor vehicle theft, but the charges were dropped after he proved the car belonged to him.

The following month, Chicago Police arrested Reese again for violating his probation. Since then, the rapper has seemingly stayed out of trouble and kept a low profile.

Lil Reese’s tragic shooting

On November 11, 2019, a man shot Reese in the neck as he sat in his car, and someone reportedly transported him to the hospital before police arrived.

However, they were able to confirm the victim was Reese, and he was transferred to another hospital in critical condition. After news of the shooting broke, his friend and longtime collaborator, Lil Durk, tweeted, “Reese good” with a blue heart.

On November 15, the hospital released Reese, and he hopped on his Instagram Live to show his fans he was okay. Although the rapper didn’t say anything, he read the comments while jamming to Jon B’s “They Don’t Know.”

What is Lil Reese’s 2019 net worth?

According to FamousBirthDeaths and Celebrity Net Worth, Reese’s 2019 net worth is estimated between $500,000 and $1 million.