How Old Is Taylor Swift, and How Many Albums Has She Released?

One of the most successful music artists of all time, Taylor Swift has managed to stay on top of the charts despite major evolutions in her music style. She began as a country artist and smoothly transitioned into the pop scene, selling millions of records and becoming one of the highest-earning female musicians of her generation.

In her over 12 years as a singer and songwriter, Swift has made millions thanks to a handful of highly successful, award-winning albums. Read on to learn more about how she got her start in country music, her various records, and when you might expect to hear new music produced under her new record label.

Taylor Swift age: How old is she and where is she from?

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift was born in Pennsylvania in 1989 (age 29). She frequently performed as a child, and eventually moved with her family to Nashville to pursue her music career.

She landed her first recording contract with Big Machine Records, who would go on to produce her first six studio albums.

Swift has been officially — and succesfully — producing music for over a decade. She released her first album in 2006, the self-titled Taylor Swift, and her most recent album, Reputation, sold more than 2 million copies within its first several months of release.

She started out writing and performing country music, and over the past decade has transitioned into pop

How many albums has Taylor Swift released?

Big Machine Records oversaw the production and rights of her music from 2006 to 2017.

As of 2018, Swift has released a total of six albums, not including several EPs and live recordings. Her studio albums include:

  • Taylor Swift (2006)
  • Fearless (2008)
  • Speak Now (2010)
  • Red (2012)
  • 1989 (2014)
  • Reputation (2017)

There has always been a hint of pop in Swift’s music, even with the release of her self-titled country album. As she evolved as an artist, however, her music became less country and more pop.

Her fifth release, 1989, was the first album she released that was technically classified as pop instead of country, and featured hits including “Shake It Off” and “Bad Blood.”

When will Taylor Swift release new music?

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In November 2018, Swift announced she had made the decision to move from Big Machine — the record label that produced her first six albums over a span of 11 years — to Republic Records.

She posted on Instagram: “It’s [exciting] to know that I’ll own all of my master recordings that I make from now on. ”

She also announced that part of the deal she made required that Spotify compensate its artists for streaming their music on its platform, and the music streaming service agreed.

Swift didn’t announce when her fans could expect new music. But she did finish off her Instagram message with, “I can’t wait to show you what I’m making next.”

And we can’t wait to see/hear it. Less than a month later, she announced the upcoming release of her stadium tour as a streamable concert special on Netflix. More music is surely to follow within the next year or so.