How Old Is Trevor Noah?

When Trevor Noah found out he was going to be Jon Stewart’s replacement on The Daily Show, his entire life changed.

Eventually, he went from being on The Daily Show as a part-time foreign correspondent to being the host of the show.

He beat out other comedians and actors that wanted the job, mainly because Jon Stewart had been a longtime fan of Noah. Another reason Comedy Central offered him the job, was due to his unique voice and take on the controversial subject matter.

His background and nationality gives him a better understanding and appreciation for race and politics. 

Trevor Noah’s life had a rough start

Trevor Noah had a rough start to his life. In his New York Times best-selling book, Born A Crime, he talks about his upbringing. This is the story of his childhood and how it all started with a crime, his birth.

You see, Trevor Noah was never supposed to be born, because his mother is black Xhosa, and his father is a white man of German-Swiss descent. He was born in apartheid South Africa and interracial relationships were illegal.

In fact, there were several times he recalled his mother going missing as a child. She would often get caught sneaking out to see his father and getting arrested for a few days or up to a few weeks according to NPR

When Trevor Noah would go stay with his grandmother, she would often have to hide him. Because he was half black and half white, he could be taken away from his family. Most of his early years were spent hiding from the police and hoping neighbors didn’t snitch on his family.

When apartheid came to an end in South Africa, Noah could finally come out of hiding. He still had to deal with an abusive stepfather who reportedly tried to kill him and his mother, but it was no longer against the law for him to exist. 

His career has taken off

His career was already going places in South Africa. In fact, he was one of the biggest comedians and celebrities in the country before Americans had ever heard of him. He would tour around the country and world to sold-out shows. Not bad considering his rough start. 

He even created and hosted his own talk show called Tonight with Trevor Noah. It was shortly after this that he landed the part-time correspondence gig on The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart.

His comedic style and timing was a perfect fit for the show. Not only was he able to joke around about some pretty heavy subjects, but he was able to use the show as a platform. This is ultimately what made him a candidate to succeed Stewart after 16 years of hosting.

How old is Trevor Noah?

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for FCancer

It is amazing to think about the road that Trevor Noah had to take to get to where he is today. The actor, author, host, and comedian has found great success in life. Not many people can claim that. 

To make his success story more impressive he is still young. At only 35 years old he has already been through so much. Noah often talks about his birthday being special because he shares it with Rihanna. They were both born on February, 20th.

His Comedy Central contract has him continuing to host his show until 2022. If he is anything like Jon Stewart he will likely write more books and become even more popular.