How Old Was Michael Scott Supposed to be on ‘The Office’?

The Office is arguably one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. In fact, the NBC satire is so popular that it even beat out FRIENDS in total viewing minutes on Netflix (mightily we might say). When it comes to the cast, few actors were more popular than Steve Carell, who plays the one and only Michael Scott.

The show largely revolved around the antics of the middle manager and his relationship with his staff. As the show went on, it was clear that Scott longed to have a family of his own. Which makes us wonder, just how old was Michael Scott supposed to be on The Office?

How long was ‘The Office’ on the air?

Steve Carell as Michael Scott on The Office
Steve Carell as Michael Scott | Chris Haston/NBC/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

The Office premiered on March 24, 2005. The show is based on the highly successful British show of the same name. The show quickly stood out from other comedies on TV. The format was unique and the characters were engaging. 

But while fans fell in love with the show over the course of its nine-year run, there was a time when the cast and crew weren’t sure whether the show would make it to a second season. 

The Office premiered as a mid-season replacement. What this means is the show had a ridiculously short test run to make it through – just six episodes. Show creator Michael Schur said that after shooting the last episode, the cast just huddled around thinking there was no way the show was going to get picked up.

But it did. The Office went on to be a big success for NBC, solidifying Carell as a star. The show made it nine seasons, airing its final episode May 16, 2013.

So, how old was Michael Scott supposed to be?

Michael Scott had his ups and downs when it came to relationships. During Season 6, Scott began dating Pam’s mom Helene. He later broke up with her realizing that he wouldn’t be able to have the family that he longed for with her. But how old was Scott when he made this revelation?

There’s some conflicting information about Scott’s age, but The Office Fandom cites Scott’s date of birth as March 15, 1962 (this also falls in line with Carell’s date of birth). This means that Michael Scott was 43 at the show’s premiere and nearly 49 when he broke up with Helene.

But Scott got the happy ending he desired, with the finale revealing that Michael and Holly were happily married and expecting their fourth child. 

Carell recently shared a creative idea to bring ‘The Office’ back

We live in the age of reboots. So it’s only natural for fans to wonder when they will see the return of one of their favorite shows. Well, Steve Carell recently fed into the fans’ desire for a reboot by sharing his vision for how he would bring the show back

During a recent appearance on The Ellen Show Carell shared his idea with the talk show host. Carell said he wouldn’t reboot The Office as The Office.

Instead, what he would do is take The Office cast and reboot the 80s classic, Cheers. He said, essentially, he would play Sam and other Office actors would play various Cheers characters. 

Ellen jumped in saying that Carell’s idea sounded like a great idea. But the 57-year-old scoffed, admitting, “It’s a terrible idea.”

So it sounds like an Office/Cheers reboot is out (collective sigh of relief), but what does the future hold for the characters of The Office? With NBC’s own streaming service in the works, anything’s possible.