How ‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Really Feels About Daughter Alex Drummond’s Boyfriend

One of our favorite newcomers to the Food Network is Ree Drummond, star of The Pioneer WomanFans love watching Ree make her homemade favorite recipes for her husband, Ladd, and their four kids. And one of the most endearing aspects of the show is hearing all about her personal life on her ranch in Oklahoma. Through the years, we’ve witnessed how fast her kids have grown up, too.

While we remember when Ree’s children were all just around the home to help her in the kitchen and help Ladd with the farm, nowadays, two of her daughters, Paige and Alex, are in college. And since Alex is officially 21, she’s had a boyfriend for quite awhile. Here’s what Ree’s had to say about it.

Alex is dating another man her age named Mauricio

We remember when Alex was on The Pioneer Woman helping Ree bake cookies — and there’s no doubt that Ree misses having her eldest child around the house. On her blog, she expressed how much she missed Alex since she moved out for Texas A&M University, but she’s also aware that Alex is thriving in her new community. According to Southern Living, Alex has even taken part in the Aggie Ring Day ritual at her school, which is a huge deal for members of the college. As Ree said on Instagram, “And while I was happy about Alex’s accomplishment, I mostly celebrated the fact that she has found such a strong circle of support in college. Moms live for that stuff!”

Included in her strong circle of friends is a man, too. Country Living reported back in July 2018 that Alex was dating a fellow college student named Mauricio — and judging from Alex’s current Instagram posts, the two are still going strong well into 2019. On Alex and Mauricio’s most recent trip, they seemingly went on a cruise together in mid-January with a number of other friends.

Ree refuses to call Mauricio her daughter’s boyfriend, however

Alex seems to be thriving in her academic and social circles, but Ree has commented in the past that she still won’t call Mauricio “Alex’s boyfriend.” Could this be because Ree doesn’t approve of her daughter dating anyone? Or does she just not like Mauricio and instead wish for Alex to keep searching? While many fans may point to this conclusion, it’s actually for a totally different reason.

Ree posted an adorable photo of Alex and Mauricio with a caption explaining everything. “I can’t say the word “boyfriend” as it relates to my girls. It just won’t come out of my mouth. It isn’t so much that I’m in denial or afraid to face the fact that my girls are growing up—it’s more of an Elaine Benes thing,” she wrote. Ree then went on to explain the moment in Seinfeld when a character obnoxiously mentioned her fiancé every second, and it really got under Elaine Benes’ skin. In an effort not to be obnoxious like that character, Ree prefers to refer to Mauricio as just Alex’s friend.

Ree seems supportive of Alex’s choices no matter what

So, does Ree really like Mauricio? All in all, it seems she’s totally all for her daughter dating, and Country Living notes Mauricio definitely seems to meet Ree’s approval (even if she won’t ever call him her daughter’s boyfriend to others). In fact, we imagine Ree might be getting ready to ring the wedding bells in the future for these two. Fans can’t forget that The Pioneer Woman met husband Ladd during her own college years, and they fell hard and fast for each other. In fact, without their fateful meeting, she never would have moved out into the countryside in the first place.

It seems Alex also has a few friends who are engaged, too. She posted a photo in August 2018 of her excitedly pointing at her friend’s adorned ring finger, and she’s taken Mauricio as her date to weddings before. This, perhaps, could put marriage on the brain.

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