How Prince Charles Might Appear in the Next ‘James Bond’ Movie

The idea of a British royal appearing in a James Bond film might have sounded surreal just a decade ago until we started learning how attuned the royals are to pop culture.

When a short film was made for the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in London depicting James Bond (Daniel Craig) meeting with the real Queen Elizabeth, we knew what was possible.

This might have set the stage for the idea of a real Windsor appearing in a Bond film. They’ve resisted for years until rumors popped up recently about several royals maybe appearing in Bond 25.

Now the latest rumor is Prince Charles may have a substantial acting role in the project. Should he, or would it heighten the troubles the film already has?

Some royal fans want Charles to allow his sons to act in the film

Prince Charles
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Other recent rumors have popped up about producers of Bond 25 also wanting Harry and William to participate as actors. If they do, it’ll most likely be cameos since they have no proven acting experience. Most Star Wars fans know they ended up being excised out of The Last Jedi, despite being unrecognizable anyway as Stormtroopers.

What kind of acting would they be able to do to add legitimacy to the Bond franchise? All bets would go to Harry being the best natural actor since he’s always entertaining in front of cameras. William maybe wouldn’t based on how reserved he is in public.

It’s quite different being in a movie from speaking at royal events. The jury’s out whether they could essentially play themselves from a script without sounding stilted.

We might be surprised at Prince Charles being a technically better natural actor than his sons.

Charles has long been a connoisseur of the arts

Don’t be surprised if Charles could act with more skill, because he’s older and seen more things in life. He’s also been interested in the arts scene for decades by attending plays, concerts, and other pop culture events. His understanding on how to “act” is likely more attuned, especially in the realm of tradition in James Bond movies.

Should he be given a substantial role in the movie, he might shock everyone at being just as effective as Daniel Craig himself. One still has to wonder if he’d be allowed to, though, considering he could still be King someday.

Based on royal protocol, nothing says he couldn’t. Nothing says in-law royals like Meghan Markle couldn’t either, even if it’s expected she’ll never act again in favor of forwarding her favorite causes.

There’s a bit of irony there considering Meghan was once considered as a new Bond Girl before meeting and marrying Harry. Having her husband acting in a Bond movie could technically mean Harry demanding she be in there as well.

Most sources say Charles would only cameo

Varying sources differ on what kind of role Charles might play. No doubt the Bond crew realize a cameo is the best they’d be able to achieve. Regardless, even this would be history in the making and add more realness to a Bond film as they’ve been doing lately.

No doubt the Bond production team from 50 years ago would have never believed a real royal would show interest in doing a cameo. Imagine how an appearance from the Queen or other royals would have altered the Bond movies from the 1960s, ’70s, or ’80s.

With Charles reportedly visiting the set of the Bond 25 movie recently, he joked with the crew about some of the recent mishaps. Some have even contended the film is cursed, something Charles likely doesn’t believe in.

Then again, you have to wonder if the crew are nervous about a royal being on the set with so many things going wrong. If something happened to Charles in a seemingly safe cameo, we’d know Bond would have to turn into a cinematic memory.