How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Marriage Has Survived ‘Challenging Times’

Most married couples know that marriage can be hard work, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have faced some “challenging times” that are quite unique and have tested their relationship. Being a couple in the spotlight means that their every move is scrutinized and that’s got to create some tension.

the mental wellness group Waves for Change
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

They support each other

Given that they’re part of the royal family, the Sussexes are of great interest to many and that very public existence means that when they have missteps, the world knows about it.

It’s clear that the two stick together and don’t let the criticism shake them — supporting each other as they navigate the tricky royal fishbowl they live in.

This year they’ve faced a lot of backlash, whether it was their requests for privacy, having a private christening for their son Archie, or choosing to fly on private jets, their critics have had a lot to fire back about.

A source told PEOPLE that the key to Prince Harry and Markle’s relationship’s success is that they’re navigating all of this together. The insider shared: “They definitely lean on each other during challenging times.”

The insider added, “They are a unit. She’s just focusing on what she and Harry are trying to accomplish and not be distracted.”

They’ve shown this support during their royal tour of Africa

Fans have definitely noticed that during the couple’s royal tour of Africa, they have been affectionate and loving, clearly displaying the way they support one another.

During a visit with the mental wellness group Waves for Change, they both gushed over each other’s parenting skills. Participating in a “power hand” session, where each person identified a strength.

Ash Heese, a manager for Waves for Change, shared that Markle “said parenting is the new strength that she and Harry are learning.”

Heese continued: “She said, ‘He’s the best dad,’ and [Harry] said, ‘No, she’s the best mom.’”

Their body language is revealing

Body language expert Judi James shared that the couple’s gestures are quite revealing, telling Express that Markle and Prince Harry’s affection for one another means quite a lot. She shared: “Meghan’s touch and affection rituals with Harry seem to have increased rather than diminished now they are technically out of the honeymoon phase, while he appears even more openly besotted.”

She added: “Her glances at her husband suggest approval and open admiration for the man he appears to have become. The couple ‘stroke’ one another verbally as well as non-verbally in public too, with each pouring praise on the other’s parenting skills.”

There’s a lot to read into with even the smallest gestures, as James shared: “On this tour we have already seen him stroking her ponytail and rushing round to put a coat down for her to sit on… This couple have always been tactile and loving in public so although an increase of these signals could suggest excitement over some new happy news the couple could also be sharing their quiet glee about baby Archie.”