How Prince Harry Upset Red Sox Fans During MLB’s Trip to London

As far as summer trips to London go, last week’s experience turned out to be a rough one for the Boston Red Sox. The team’s home paper, the Boston Globe, used the word “disastrous” to describe the two-game set against the New York Yankees at London Stadium.

Red Sox fans likely had an even more explicit reaction to the two games. In the first matchup, Boston surrendered 17 runs before making it respectable (17-13) late. As for the second game, the reigning World Series champions again lost convincingly (12-8).

However, there were a few positives off the field. Mookie Betts met his very distant cousin Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry prior to the June 29 contest. Also, both New York and Boston presented the royal couple with gifts for the youngest member of the family, baby Archie.

But even that went bad for the Red Sox. After receiving a team onesie and mini-bat from Boston, Markle and Prince Harry got a custom jersey with Archie’s name on it from the Yankees. And some Red Sox fans got upset by the prince’s reaction.

Harry said the Yankees’ gift beat that of the Red Sox.

Manager Aaron Boone of the New York Yankees presents a gift for Archie to Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex before their game against the Boston Red Sox at London Stadium on June 29, 2019. | Peter Nicholls – WPA Pool/Getty Images

After the severe beating the Red Sox took on the field over the weekend, the last thing they needed was Harry telling them they blew their gift, too. That’s basically what Harry said after he and Markle received the Yankees’ present for Archie.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone presented the couple with a custom Yankees jersey (No. 19) with Archie’s name on it. Markle seemed touch by the gift and, as she reacted to it, Harry weighed in with his own take.

“You guys have beaten next door’s present, by the way,” Harry said. Yankees beat reporter Meredith Marakovits recorded the visit on her phone.

Photographers captured Markle’s great reaction to Harry’s line (along with Boone’s). But that upset some of the Red Sox fanbase.

Rumblings from Red Sox fans turned up in the usual places.

Meghan Markle breaks out laughing and Aaron Boone looks amused after Prince Harry says the Yankees’ gift beat that of the Red Sox. | Peter Nicholls – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Anytime anyone opens their mouth, there’s someone online writing about how it makes them angry. In the case of British royals, you can probably multiply the numbers by several million. And yes, there are some royal watchers who also number themselves Red Sox fans.

After Harry’s comment — and a line about Archie potentially wearing the Yankees jersey — you could find discontent in the usual places: Twitter, Facebook, and the comment sections of an article about Harry him “dissing” Boston. Since the burn-level here was low, you didn’t see a ton of animosity.]

However, some folks did get upset, though they probably just had a bad weekend. If you’re a die-hard Red Sox fan, getting pulverized in front of an international audience will do that.

Besides, a custom jersey is always a better present than anything store-bought. The Yankees brought their A-game to London in every aspect of the trip, and the Red Sox placed second across the board.

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