How Prince Harry’s New Title — Or Lack Thereof — Was Inspired By Princess Diana

Prince Harry recently returned to the United Kingdom while leaving his wife, Meghan Markle, behind in Canada along with their son, Archie Harrison. The 35-year-old traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland to speak at his Travelyst initiative, a sustainable tourism summit. Before he spoke to the crowd, Prince Harry reportedly requested that he be referred to as just “Harry.” Could the Duke of Sussex’s desire to separate himself from the rest of his family and be financially independent without a royal title be inspired by his late mother, Princess Diana?

Prince Harry
LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 28: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex speaks with members of the Invictus Games Choir at Abbey Road Studios, where a single has been recorded for the Invictus Games Foundation on February 28, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by Hannah McKay – WPA Pool / Gettyimages)

Princess Diana did not want bureaucrats to ‘micromanage’ her

Royal author Leslie Carroll recently told Express that one of the reasons Prince Harry has chosen to step down is because of the British media. The Duke of Sussex reportedly sees too many similarities between how the press treated his mother and how they treat his wife.

“[Harry’s] displeasure at the way his wife and son were being treated by the press, by other members of the royal family perhaps, and by some of the ‘Men in Gray’ as Princess Diana used to call the bureaucrats in the palace who sought to micromanage her life and her decisions,” explained Carroll.

The author of American Princess: The Love Story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry added that the red-headed royal asked to be called “Harry” because of what he watched his mother go through.

Princess Diana kept her royal title after her divorce from Prince Charles, and Prince Harry witnessed the British press hunt his mother down everywhere she went.

He has made it clear, says Carroll, that he will not allow history to repeat itself with his wife and son.

Prince Harry is a ‘rebel’ just like his mother

Harry’s royal upbringing was much different than what his brother, Prince William, experienced. Prince Harry was always preparing for a much different life than Prince William, the future King of the United Kingdom.

Losing his mom at such a young age made his childhood even more difficult. That led to Harry’s “wild” young adulthood where he partied hard, dated a lot of women, and made some questionable decisions.

Even though Prince Harry has matured and wants to settle down with his family, Carroll says he is still very much a “rebel,” just like his mom.

“Harry was once the wild child of the Windsors and many in the media seem to be unable to cope with the Harry who is now the responsible adult,” explained Carroll.

“Diana would have been so proud of him for doing this. And ironically the prince who was such a rebel as a youth is proving he’s still a rebel.”

When Ayesha Hazarika introduced Prince Harry to the crowd at Travelyst, she said that he made it clear “we are all just to call him Harry.”

When he and Meghan officially step down on March 31, they will no longer formally use their HRH titles, either.

Queen Elizabeth’s ban of ‘Sussex Royal’ will hurt Harry and Meghan

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first announced their intention to step down as senior members of the royal family, they thought they already had a transition plan in place. But they didn’t consult with anyone in the family before making their big announcement.

Queen Elizabeth banned the Sussex’s plan to brand their future business and charitable endeavors under the “Sussex Royal” name.

Former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt claimed that Queen Elizabeth “doesn’t take kindly to being bounced or indeed being blindsided.”

“With government regulations and royal rules on her side, the Queen has imposed her final restriction on the couple embarking on a self-imposed exile,” wrote Hunt in an editorial for The Spectator

“Sussex Royal can be no more. A freshly branded website will have to be re-branded.”

Hunt added that the Queen’s ban will hurt and “nothing is left of their half-baked plan to change what it meant to be a senior member of the royal family.”

Hunt says that Queen Elizabeth has managed to sustain the status quo. And, what he finds surprising is that Prince Harry thought his plan would succeed despite his deep insider knowledge of how the royal family functions.

“A harsh Windsor reality has replaced that misguided optimism,” says Hunt.