How Prince William and Kate Middleton Really Feel About Prince Harry’s Dig At Their Family Life

Prince Harry has been causing controversy left and right lately. The Duke of Sussex recently sat down with Jane Goodall, the renowned environmentalist, to discuss his views on global warming, overpopulation, and how to lessen one’s carbon footprint.

While his intentions might have been nothing but good, he inadvertently caused a meltdown in media circles all over the world. And, if recent reports are to be believed, he also caused a significant amount of trouble within the royal family. Read on for the full scoop on how Prince Harry’s comments might have upset the royal palace apple cart.

What did Prince Harry say about future children with Meghan Markle?

Prince Harry
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex | Jacob King – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s latest project, guest-editing the September issue of British Vogue, drew a lot of high-profile attention. The issue, titled “Forces of Change,” focused on women who were committed to doing good around the world. One of the interviews featured was with Jane Goodall and Prince Harry.

The Q/A format allowed both activists to pick each other’s brains and chat about various issues facing the earth. Prince Harry and Jane Goodall eventually broached the subject of overpopulation, which was when Prince Harry revealed that he wants two children at maximum.

He stated that the reason he only wants two children with Markle is that the planet is “borrowed” and that the couple is dedicated to leaving something better behind for future generations.

Prince Harry’s comments hit too close to home

Prince Harry’s remarks about wanting two children maximum (and the reasons he cited for that) ignited a media firestorm. Many media outlets claimed that in light of his recent habit of taking private jets to and from various events, his reason for only wanting two children falls a little flat.

Still, others stated that there were surely other reasons for limiting their family size and that Prince Harry might not have wanted to share those reasons. 

Regardless of the truth behind the interview, there could be another injured party that is a good deal closer to Prince Harry than any media outlet. Prince William, Prince Harry’s older brother, and his wife Kate Middleton, already have three young children.

Some rumors are already circulating that the royal couple could be considering adding a fourth child to their brood. A recent news report states that Prince Harry’s words, however well-intentioned, could have seriously upset Prince William and his wife.

Prince William and Kate Middleton could be upset with Prince Harry

Cosmopolitan reports that Prince William and Kate Middleton are deliberately delaying their vacation trip to Balmoral, Scotland, in order to avoid running into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have been spending a great deal of time there lately.

The report claims that the royal couple is very upset over Prince Harry’s comments about overpopulation and limiting the number of children that they have – since, after, all, Prince William and Kate Middleton clearly love having a larger family.

This report seems to reignite the feud between Prince Harry and Prince William that has been on and off for over a year. While neither of the brothers have spoken out publicly regarding the feud, many different sources have claimed that there has been tension between them ever since Prince Harry married Meghan Markle.

Whether or not Prince Harry might now regret his words with Jane Goodall, only he knows. While he could have been genuinely well-intentioned, Prince Harry seems to be repeatedly putting his foot in his mouth these days. If he truly is to regain his status as the most popular royal, he will seriously need to rethink his public relations strategy.