How ‘Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott Really Feels About Linda Phan, Drew Scott’s Wife

We know the Property Brothers best for their talent in remodeling old fixer-uppers into beautiful homes. Drew Scott is known as the expert in real estate, while his twin brother, Jonathan Scott, is the one who leads the renovations. Together, they make an unforgettable HGTV team that fans have grown to love — and we’ve even gotten the inside scoop on their personal lives, too.

Back in 2018, we remember when Drew Scott married his long-time girlfriend Linda Phan (who he still seems totally smitten with). But who is Linda, and what does Jonathan really think of her? Here’s what we’ve gathered.

Linda worked for the Scott brothers before she was dating Drew

Drew and Linda seem more in love than ever before, though their story goes back quite aways. According to Country Living, the two first met at Toronto Fashion Week back in 2010, and not long after they began dating, Linda began working for Scott Brothers Entertainment as the creative director, The List notes. By 2012, the two continued to move forward with their relationship, and Linda decided to move in with Drew. Of course, Drew was still living with brother Jonathan at the time — so together, they all became roommates.

Drew finally proposed to Linda in 2016, and by 2018, the two married with a a beautiful celebration that took place in Italy. Today, it’s not uncommon for Drew to mention starting a family with Linda to friends and to the press (remember that telling comment he left on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram?). As for Jonathan, some may wonder if he’s feeling a bit dejected since the closest person in his life has found someone else. All in all, though, it seems Jonathan really loves and appreciates his brother’s wife.

Jonathan seems to really like Linda

The Scott brothers genuinely want each other to be happy, and when it comes to love, there appears to be no competitive spirit there. As for how Jonathan feels about Linda entering his home, his business, and his personal life, he seems to love how happy she makes his brother. Even when all three of them were living together, Linda told People that there was “an ease to it” and it didn’t feel strange at all. “You wake up and you go to work. It’s nice and really convenient to be able to have meetings with the people you live with,” she added.

We really got to see Jonathan’s true feelings about Drew and Linda’s wedding, too. People reports during his best man speech, he said, “Of the billions of people in the world, how did you find this person who jives so well with you? Because you really jive with each other.” And, through tears, he also added, “I love the fact that you found each other.”

Jonathan feels inspired by Linda and Drew’s love

Not only does Jonathan entirely approve of Linda as his brother’s lifetime partner, but he’s also mentioned that though he hasn’t been as fortunate in finding love, he feels totally inspired by their connection. As he told People, “The special bond [Drew and Linda] have has given me hope. There is such profound love and respect between the two of them. They really do make each other better people. And to see that bond now made official after, I believe, eight years, it just feels right.” He also added that while Drew has always had an analytical approach to life, Linda has helped him “slow down and express love, and it’s really made him a better man.”

Fans have tons of hope for Jonathan, too, however. While it seems he hasn’t dated since his breakup from Jacinta Kuznetsov and he’s already had one marriage that ended in divorce, Jonathan’s always been one to bounce back after a period of hardship.

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