How ‘Queer Eye’ Star Antoni Porowski Deals With Anxiety

Those who’ve suffered from anxiety have had to live in silence far too long, including those who were afraid to admit this problem out of concern of their reputations. While we’ve seen many notable women step forward to admit their struggles with anxiety — Emma Stone is one of many — many men are still reluctant to speak up.

Leave it up to one of the Queer Eye cast members to hopefully make this a major health lesson. Many people always think of the Queer Eye cast as being overly confident people who love helping other deserving people. What’s on camera in reality shows is typically for show and dark sides always exist.

Antoni Porowski, one part of Queer Eye‘s Fab Five, is the latest celebrity to admit to suffering from anxiety issues. How he copes with it is very similar to how others manage, even if not a cure.

Antoni Porowski started feeling anxiety when facing critical career decisions

Antoni Porowski at the 71st Emmy Awards.
Antoni Porowski | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Many people who suffer from anxiety realized they had the problem early in life. According to anxiety statistics, many preschool-age children start to experience symptoms of anxiety, which could easily be overlooked at such a young age.

For people, like Stone, she knew she had the problem as a young preteen. In the case of Porowski, he didn’t realize his anxiety until in his 20s when having to make some serious choices about his career. Even though many people face similar crossroads in life about what they want to do with their lives, Porowski was feeling a lot more anxious than the typical person.

Because he had several different paths he wanted to take, the decision-making proved all the harder. When you add anxiety to the mix, it obviously creates a tougher life situation.

Outside of finally finding what he wanted to do in life (including becoming a designer/celebrity for Queer Eye, Porowski notes his anxiety never left him. As anyone who suffers from anxiety knows, it never leaves you completely, and all you can do is work with it when symptoms hit.

Does Antoni Porowski have any useful tips on living with anxiety?

According to the chef, you just have to confront anxiety almost like a living thing and decide to work with it since it can never be removed. Let’s hope medical science can one day eliminate anxiety completely from those who suffer through some kind of psychological mechanism. Considering it involves both psychological and physiological aspects toward a cure, it may be years before we see a way to curb anxiety from someone’s brain chemistry.

In the meantime, those like Porowski manage to curb the worst symptoms strictly by eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep. He also avoids consuming caffeine, which may be the best advice of all to avert jittery feelings.

Those addicted to coffee might find that a hard sell, yet it proves many natural methods are available to make anxiety less debilitating. On top of it, Porowski has a very psychological way of dealing with anxiety: Gaining peace of mind knowing other people suffer from the condition as much as he does.

How Antoni Porowski is inspiring other men

Men should never feel like it’s a weakness to admit to suffering from anxiety or depression. Many statistics now show anxiety in men works a lot differently from women. Rather than look nervous or worried, men are more apt to exhibit anger or muscle aches as surefire signs.

As strange as this might sound, it’s a proverbial male mask not wanting to admit anxiety affects their lives. If it takes Queer Eye to send such a message, then it proves the show is out to help more people beyond our TV screens.