How Selena Gomez Can Tell When a Man Isn’t Right for Her

Many of Selena Gomez’s biggest hits are about love. Many of the headlines she’s generated are about her love life. With this in mind, it’s about time she revealed to the world what she wants in a man.

Selena Gomez | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Selena Gomez reveals all to a fellow pop star

Gomez was not asked this incredibly obvious question by just anyone, reports Fox News. During an interview with CapitalFM, fellow pop singer Jason Derulo asked her “So what is your best advice to a man coming up to meet a woman for the first time? How do you like to be approached? What’s the best approach a man can give?

Her answer was very relatable. “I tend to like to be approached in a natural, organic way,” said Gomez. “And I hope that whoever is doing that is actually interested in me and not really my name. So, it’s pretty hard, but that’s usually the best way.” She commented “[Derulo] has no problem in that department so I have no idea why he’s asking me.”

Gomez added “I like group situations. So, I find that that’s what makes me comfortable, if they’re someone maybe I know of someone I know.” She continued, “I love genuine, you know? I feel like in the first five seconds, I can tell if I’m meeting someone that just wants one thing.”

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber | Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Gomez added that when she encounters a man’s entourage “I can tell when it’s a good group of guys and they’re cool.” She also said “I love funny. I don’t like arrogant. I don’t like show off-y. I love playful and adventurous, but really down to earth and cool.”

Jason Derulo reveals what he wants in a girl

Derulo was in a similar situation in 2011, when MTV News asked him what an “it girl” is to him. The question was obviously a reference to his hit R&B/pop ballad ”It Girl.” He answered “someone who is selfless, someone who’s always thinking about others before she thinks about herself.

He continued “You know, my mom is a very charitable woman, so I’d want someone who is in line with that kind of thought process. I also like a girl who’s polite. I feel like that’s a lost art, and just saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ goes a very long way with me. That’s just so lost these days. So, ladies, it’s OK to say ‘thank you.’”

Will Jason Derulo’s comments spark a connection?

Jason Derulo | Gina Wetzler/Redferns

The very fact that Derulo asked Gomez this question implies that he might be interested in her. Gomez has some experience dating celebrity musicians, so perhaps the two could become a power couple. At the very least, the publicity from this exchange could lead to a musical collaboration.

Musically, Gomez and Derulo are similar becuase they don’t really have a genre. They’ve both given the world ballads, dance songs, rock songs, and world music. It would make sense for the two to collaborate given they’re both so musically versatile.

Maybe Derulo is actually interested in Gomez. Maybe he’s just interested in her personal life. Either way he made it a little easier for men to approach her.