How Shakira Deals With Not Seeing Her Kids For Months

Shakira is kind of a workaholic: She’s always starting new projects, taking on fresh challenges, and pushing herself to make more, even better music. All that work has to take a toll, especially on a mom with two young kids at home. In fact, Shakira sometimes goes for long stretches without seeing her little ones, which would be hard on any mom. She has a secret for how to deal with the distance. 

Shakira is no stranger to the entertainment game 

Shakira performing at a celebration concert for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Shakira | Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Shakira has been in the public eye for more than 20 years. In 2000, the Colombian singer won her first Grammy for Best Latin Pop album for Shakira – MTV Unplugged. She would go on to win two more, one for Best Latin Rock/Alternative in 2005 and another Best Latin Pop album award in 2018 for El Dorado.  

She’s recorded songs for all kinds of events, including movies like Zootopia, which she also had a few lines in. She recorded the song for the 2010 World Cup. “Waka Waka” became an international hit, and Shakira met her partner, soccer player Gerard Piqué. He’s 10 years her junior, but they seem to have clicked. 

Later, in 2014, she would perform at the World Cup again. Even though she didn’t sing the official World Cup song that year, she did perform on stage. That year’s song, performed by Jennifer Lopez and Pittbull, was considered to be a huge flop. In some ways, Shakira’s appearance underscored how much better her song had been in 2010. 

Shakira has two sons with Gerard Pique

Shakira has two sons with Pique: 6-year-old Milan and 4-year-old Sasha. Even though they both have busy careers, Shakira and Piqué share the responsibilities of child-rearing.

“We don’t have a written deal to share the tasks or anything like that, but we both are very involved in parenting and try to sort it out the best we can,” said the singer.

Shakira has said that if it weren’t for her career, she would already have more children. If her schedule would allow, she says: “I would love to have eight or nine kids with Gerard — my own fútbol team.”

So how does Shakira handle the separation? FaceTime. She’s constantly on video calls with her family while she’s away. While seeing them on-screen softens the pain of their absence, it can’t take it away completely.

Will Shakira ever slow down?

Shakira has made it clear she’s a mom first. In 2016, she canceled two shows to stay home with Sasha while he was sick. Apparently FaceTime wasn’t enough for her when it came to her baby’s health. 

Despite the canceled shows, fans were worried about Sasha and anxiously awaited hearing about how he was doing. Shakira was overwhelmed by the fan response.

“I have so many people out there that celebrate with me when they know that I’m happy,” she said. “And they hate it when they know that I’m suffering.”

Shakira obviously puts family first, but her fans are important to her too. And the money she makes isn’t half bad either. She reportedly earned $12 million per season on The VoiceShe has a higher starting salary than any of the other judges on the show. It may be because she has such an international presence.

Even at that price, the show couldn’t afford to keep her for more than two seasons. Shakira has revealed that she won’t go back to the show because it’s too hard to be away from her family for that long. For Shakira, her family is priceless.