How Singer and Talk Show Host Syleena Johnson Shed Over 50 Pounds For a Fitness Competition

Syleena Johnson is one of R&B’s finest singers. The singer has a jazz tone to her voice, setting her apart from many others in the industry and earning her a role in the Soul category. She’s released almost 10 albums, all of which are critically acclaimed. 

Syleena Johnson
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Johnson has found a new passion outside of music and her current job as a daytime talk show host. She’s a fitness buff who recently competed in her first fitness competition and shared how she lost 50 pounds to prepare for her place on stage.

Syleena Johnson’s career

Prior to being signed with Jive Records, Johnson released two albums independently while promoting her music in Chicago. She became a muse and protégée or R. Kelly. He worked on her first two albums. Her debut album on Jive was released in May 2001. The album received much praise and was critically acclaimed. It debuted at number one on Billboard’s Heatseekers, but was not a commercial success.

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She’s released almost ten albums since, each titled in chapters. She received mainstream recognition when she was featured on fellow Chicago native Kanye West’s single, All Falls Down, despite not appearing in the music video.

In 2012, she began appearing on the TV One reality series, R&B Divas: Atlanta. The show aired for three seasons before its cancellation. She currently hosts the TV One talk show, Sister Circle. 

Syleena Johnson transitions into fitness and competes in first competition after losing 50 pounds

Johnson has been open about her struggles with her weight. She began working out regularly in her 20s but as she aged, she realized the importance of adding proper nutrition. She’s shared her journey on her social media pages as well as her diet and workout regimen, which include clean eating and trying different treatments and detoxes. Johnson is also a certified yoga instructor.

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Noticing the changes in her body and wanting to help others reach their fitness goals, she earned a bachelor’s degree from Drake University in nutrition science in 2015, where she graduated summa cum laude. She also shares advice and knowledge, including not being obsessed with checking progress on the scale.

Fans have noticed her weight loss over the past few months but she recently revealed that she was preparing for a fitness competition. In a Facebook video, she revealed that she passed on one completion, The Lee Haney Games, because she wasn’t ready. After sticking to a strict diet and exercise and losing 50 pounds, she was finally ready to compete.

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“I’m just pursuing all of the dreams and desires and goals and wants that God puts in my belly,” she said, “Being a fitness competitor is one of them. I will continue to compete hopefully with the grace of God, but the first competition, I just want to get on the stage.”

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Her competition was on December 7 and she won a title. On another Instagram post with her two trainers, she revealed she spent the last eight months n training and focused on weight training and building muscle. 

At 41, Johnson proves that getting into top shape is possible at any age!