How ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Fans Can Take A Yoga Class With Charlie Hunnam

Meeting Charlie Hunnam would be a dream come true for most Sons of Anarchy fans, let alone learning yoga from him. The actor is teaming up with his former SOA co-star, Ryan Hurst, to teach a group of lucky fans Kundalina yoga at the upcoming Motor City Comic Con. Here’s how you can win a chance to take yoga class with Hunnam and partake in an experience of a lifetime.

Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam | Photo by Oscar Gonzalez/NurPhoto via Getty Images

What kind of yoga class is Hunnam teaching?

The 39-year-old British hunk is teaching a version of yoga called Kundalina at the annual event. According to Hollywood, this type of yoga focuses on primal energies, which originate near the bottom of the spine and are reportedly extremely powerful. In talking about his upcoming course, Hunnam admitted that he is relatively new to the art and cautioned fans that he is not an expert in the field.

“I’m so new to it so I don’t want to put it out there that I’m, like, any expert,” Hunnam revealed.

Hunnam added that Kundalina yoga starts with a heavy dose of chanting, which helps focus the mind. After the chanting is over, users engaged in a 45 minute period of intense exercise followed by another 45 minutes of relaxing meditation.

Fortunately for Hunnam, Hurst is also a practitioner of Kundalina Yoga and is helping him out with the class. We have no idea what to expect from the course, but fans are sure to have a great time with Hurst and Hunnam at the helm.

How to get tickets to Hunnam’s yoga class

Hunnam’s class is part of Motor City Comic Con, so fans will first need to purchase an admission to the convention. Tickets can be purchased online, starting with adult day passes that run $40 a piece to weekend access for $80. Once that is done, you can buy tickets for the yoga class online for $75 per person, plus a $3 processing fee.

If you are able to purchase a ticket before they are sold out, attendees are being asked to bring along their own yoga mat along with comfortable clothing. You will also need to show proof of purchase at the door.

Motor City Comic Con is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The convention, which is held at Novi’s Suburban Collection Showplace, starts on May 17 and ends May 19.

Hunnam and Hurst are well known for their roles as Jax Teller and Opie Winston on Sons of Anarchy. Hunnam has since been in a number of different movies, including his latest Netflix offering, Triple Frontier. Hurst has also appeared on several shows and movies, most notably Remember the Titans and The Walking Dead.

Hunnam is in top shape after ‘Triple Frontier’

It may be a while since Hunnam showed off his sculpted abs on SOA, but the actor has kept in great shape over the past few years. The actor put on a lot of muscle for his role on King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and shed most of his weight for Papillon. Hunnam then turned around and gained some muscle back for Triple Frontier. Needless to say, his physical fitness should not hinder him while teaching yoga this spring. Whether or not fans will be able to keep up with him is another matter entirely.

Hunnam shares a close bond of friendship with Hurst

After working closely alongside Hurst on SOA, Hunnam developed a close bond with his co-star. Although the two stopped interacting with each other for a brief moment, Kundalini yoga brought them back together. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hunnam revealed that he attends the same yoga studio as Hurst and that they now see each other on a regular basis.

“Ryan is one of my best friends. There were a couple years where I didn’t spend much time with Ryan, and then I got into a yoga practice that he has really devoted himself to in a very significant way,” Hunnam shared.

Apart from teaching yoga together at the upcoming convention, Hunnam and Hurst appeared on Sam Taylor-Johnson’s new movie, A Million Little Pieces. Although they were a part of the same film, Hunnam revealed that they did not have any scenes together.

Hunnam, of course, almost worked with Taylor-Johnson on the hit erotic drama, Fifty Shades of Grey, before backing out at the last minute. Hunnam hinted that he did A Million Little Pieces free of charge as a way of making amends.