How Spider-Man Could Introduce The Fantastic Four To The MCU In Marvel’s Phase 5

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel revealed that the Fantastic Four would be coming to the MCU (thanks to the Fox/Disney merger), but the studio didn’t give any details about when that would happen, or how. However, some fans believe that they have already introduced the characters, and they did it with a hint in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Could Spider-Man introduce the Fantastic Four to the MCU? |
Could Spider-Man introduce the Fantastic Four to the MCU? | Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Under new ownership

According to Inverse, many fans noticed in the most recent Spider-Man flick that the Stark/Avengers Tower was under new ownership and undergoing renovations. “We can’t show you what comes next” and “1 > 2 >3 >?” are on a sign on the building.

Fans interpreted this message in one of two ways. Some believe it was Marvel’s creative way of introducing phase four, while others believe it was a reference to the Fantastic Four. Considering the long history that Spider-Man has with the Fantastic Four in the comic books, the second theory isn’t that far-fetched.

Is the Avengers Tower turning into the Baxter Building?

In the Marvel Comics, the Fantastic Four are based in the 35-story Baxter Building, which is owned by Reed Richards and located in New York. The skyscraper features everything from research labs to a television studio, plus space for the Fantasti-Car and a rocket ship.

It would make sense for the Stark Tower to transition to the Baxter Building, but neither Kevin Feige or anyone else from Marvel has confirmed that this is the plan.

The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man have a historic friendship

The Fantastic Four actually show up in the very first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man which came from Stan Lee back in 1963. Spider-Man goes to the Baxter Building looking for a job, but they told him they were a “non-profit organization.”

In 1984, Johnny Storm lends Peter Parker a spare Fantastic Four costume because he doesn’t have one after getting rid of the symbiote. Along with the costume, Johnny gives Peter a paper bag and “kick me” sign, which led to the debut of the Bombastic Bag-Man.

There have also been numerous Marvel crossovers over the years that have seen Spider-Man team up with The Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four movie reboot will most likely be part of phase five

Considering we just started phase four of the MCU, it’s difficult to even think about phase five. So many things will happen between now and then, as phase four is expected to last through 2021. But Kevin Feige didn’t create the MCU by taking things one day at a time. Every film and storyline is part of a grand plan, and that means phase five is already in the works and they will be planting the seeds in storylines throughout phase four – both in the movie theater and on Disney+.

Phase five is expected to launch in 2022 and should begin with Blade, Black Panther 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, which are projects that have already been cast and have writers and directors attached to them.

Since The Fantastic Four project is simply in the development stage at this point, we will most likely have to wait until at least the summer of 2023 for the reboot. However, once the roles of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and The Thing are cast, they could show up in one of the phase four films, possibly in an end-credits scene.

It’s still all up in the air, and Kevin Feige won’t give any hints about what he has planned. But, there is no doubt that however he introduces The Fantastic Four into the MCU, it will be epic.