How Steve Irwin’s Kids Are Keeping His Memory Alive

Since the mid-90s, Steve Irwin has been known around the world for fearless and informative knowledge of wild exotic animals, especially reptiles. He was also a strong advocate for crocodile preservation. Sadly, on September 4, 2006, Steve passed away following a freak accident with a deadly stingray while filming a documentary. The 44-year-old wildlife conservationist left behind a legacy that, even a decade after his passing, is still inspiring people from all over the world to respect and protect the wildlife that inhabits our world. 

Two people that see just how important his work was are his two children: Bindi Irwin and Robert Irwin. Even though they tragically lost their father at a young age, they are both working hard to carry on the legacy that he left behind. So, how are Steve Irwin’s kids keeping his memory alive? Keep reading to find out.

Steve Irwin’s early life

Steve Irwin grew up in Queensland, Australia. During his childhood, he worked at his parent’s wildlife reserve park. He eventually became the owner of the park and renamed it the Australia Zoo. In 1991, while he was working in the park, he met an American tourist, Terri Rains, and fell in love. The two married the next year.

For their honeymoon, they chose to embark on a wildlife excursion that they filmed and eventually turned into a documentary. The documentary was wildly successful, and before they knew it, the fearless husband and wife duo were given their own TV show called The Crocodile Hunter. The show grew in popularity all over the world and had quickly become one of Animal Planet’s most-watched series.

Steve Irwin’s career

As his fame grew, so did his career. He made several other spin-off series, and he and his wife even starred in their very own highly entertaining, action-packed movie called The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

After he took over his parent’s wildlife reserve, he came up with a ten-year business plan for the new zoo and vowed to make it one the most educational and fun zoos in the world. Unfortunately, only two months after he had made the plan, he tragically lost his life.

How are Steve Irwin’s kids keeping his memory alive?

Since his passing, Steve Irwin’s kids have continued to keep his memory alive in many ways. Like their father, both Bindi and Robert spent their childhood in the Australia Zoo where they learned how to take care of animals and the importance of wildlife conservation. Today, they are still both very active staff members of the Australia Zoo and they continue to give lectures and conduct interviews on the importance of taking care of wildlife.

In 2015, Bindi Irwin was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. During the show, Bindi and her partner, Derek Hough, paid a touching tribute to her dad when they danced to the song, Every Breath You Take. In her pre-performance interview, Bindi had said that since she was a little girl, she had always wanted to be just like her dad when she was older.

Steve’s son, Robert, appears to be on his way to be just like his father. Recently, he shared a picture of himself feeding a crocodile at the Australia Zoo. What made the picture so special is that he posted the picture alongside a picture of his dad that shows Steve feeding the exact same crocodile in the exact same spot 15 years earlier. The resemblance between Robert and his father is uncanny and helped to show the world that even though his father may be gone, animal conservation is still a big part of the Irwin family’s life.

Continuing Steve Irwin’s legacy

In 2018, Steve’s family announced that they would be filming a brand new show on Animal Planet in order to help to carry on Steve’s legacy. The show features Steve’s wife, Terri, and their two children. The show takes its audience on a wild adventure and helps to educate everyone about the different types of wildlife that are out there.

Before the show’s premiere, the Irwin family went on the Today Show to talk about how important wildlife conservation was to them. When Bendi was asked if she had always wanted to stay in this line of work, she replied: “I think that it’s a part of who we are. It’s not just what we do, and I – I don’t want to speak for all of us – but I don’t think that I’m going to wake up one morning and say, ‘I’m going to be an astronaut.’ This is just what we love so much and wildlife work is so important to us and we so want to carry on in dad’s footsteps and make sure that everything he worked so hard for continues.”