How Strong Is Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s Marriage?

All eyes might be on Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle and the upcoming birth of their little bundle of joy, but once upon a time, it was the fairytale romance of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip that captivated the people.

The Queen has ruled England longer than any royal in history and her husband has been with her to support her every step of the way. Let’s take a look at just how strong this couple’s bond is.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip met when she was just 8 years old

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip first met when the future queen was just 8 years old. The two attended the marriage of relatives. The Queen’s uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent was set to marry Princess Marina, Prince Philip’s cousin. This would be the first of several meetings, given that the future queen and her prince are distant cousins.

After their initial meeting, it would be a few years before the two met again. This time, when Elizabeth and Philip met at the Royal Naval College, Elizabeth was absolutely smitten. The two began exchanging letters and Prince Philip asked the King for his daughter’s hand in 1946.

Rumor has it that the king was not all too thrilled about his daughter’s choice. Philip was known to be loud and blunt and the king hoped for someone more refined for his princess. Nonetheless, the king agreed to the marriage, but under one condition, the couple must wait until the queen’s 21st birthday to announce their engagement.

The couple has been married for over seventy years

The happy couple was married on November 20, 1947, at Westminster Abbey. But just because they are royals, that doesn’t mean that the day didn’t go off without a few problems. Both Elizabeth and Philip had a few mishaps in the days surrounding their marriage. Elizabeth was set to wear her grandmother’s Fringe Tiara for her wedding, but on the morning she was set to marry Prince Philip the tiara broke while Elizabeth was getting her hair done. The tiara was taken via police escort to be repaired before the wedding.

Speaking of police, the prince had his own encounter with them. On the day of his rehearsal dinner, the prince was stopped for speeding. It is said that the prince told the officer, “I’m sorry officer, but I’ve got an appointment with the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

They have faced a few challenges along the way

From outward appearances, it may look like the queen and prince have it all. But they are not immune from scandal, secrets, and challenges. Queen Elizabeth has admitted to some of the stresses she has faced during her reign.

1992 is the year that Queen Elizabeth refers to as annus horribilis. Translated, this means, the horrible year. So what made the year so horrible? For starters, 1992 was the year that her children’s marriages fell apart. Early in the year, Prince Andrew’s wife, Sarah Ferguson was photographed with another man. The prince and his wife separated a few months later. Later, Princess Anne announced that she was divorcing her husband who was having an affair. And to top things off, a book about Princess Diana was published where she discussed her loveless marriage and her own personal battles.

But it wasn’t just personal problems that made 1992 a horrible year. In November of that year, there was a fire at Windsor Castle, leaving the royal residence in ruins.

Their marriage has stood the test of time

With all that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have endured, their marriage appears to be one of love and strength. Though they often sleep in different residences and maintain separate bedrooms, the couple boasts the longest marriage in royal history. The couple is frequently photographed together showing each other support. Through their subtle signs of affection and little nods of love, they have shown everyone what a fairytale marriage is made of.